Julie Ray Polson


Julie Ray Polson has always tried to stay active but had trouble finding consistency in her exercise routine. She’d belonged to gyms before but found that as she got older, she spent more time injured from her workouts than she did meeting her strength and fitness goals. She was having trouble finding a combination that worked. In 2016, one of Julie’s coworkers at Graybar, where she works as a marketing specialist, told her about Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP). It happened to be “Bring a Friend Week” at PFP, so Julie tagged along for a workout. “After that, I was hooked,” Julie says.

As she’s gotten older, Julie has tried to prioritize not just working out but also staying healthy—maintaining a good balance to remain injury free. She’s found help in this goal at PFP. “What I love most is that they take the time and care that I’m doing exercises correctly so that I don’t hurt myself,” Julie says. “There’s never any judgment about how much weight I pick up, especially since I’m afraid to hurt my back. Consistency for me is better than lifting an 80-pound kettlebell.” Julie does group training twice a week. She’s dedicated to maintaining this schedule as she’s found herself gaining strength for daily tasks. “I’m stronger in things that I do every day like grocery shopping, carrying laundry or yard work,” Julie says.

Another arena Julie’s sought to improve in her life is nutrition. Maintaining good eating habits can be a challenge for anyone, but Julie’s found assistance through PFP’s Foundations 4 Life program. She joined about a year ago and has seen tremendous results. “I learned a huge amount about how our bodies use the food that we eat,” Julie says. “I’ve learned that every day is a new day. If I mess up one day, I can start again the very next meal. That gives me confidence that I can do it.”

What else gives Julie confidence? The camaraderie she’s found with her trainers and fellow members at PFP. Of the trainers, Julie says, “they are always so helpful, and they make me feel welcome.” Julie finds the overall community at PFP promotes a friendly atmosphere. She’s even chosen to participate in some of the PFP group activities outside of working out, citing a hike in Lone Elk Park where a group of PFP members stumbled upon a mother elk who had just given birth as a highlight. “There’s just this sense of family,” Julie says of the PFP culture. “I always see a familiar face, no matter when I go.”

Julie’s goal this year is to continue to get stronger and remain active, even as she is getting older. “A goal of mine is to get more activity in during the week outside of my normal workouts.” As she’s learned in the last three years, consistency is key—and it’s paid off with the results to prove it. “I’ve never felt healthier or stronger in my life,” Julie says. “I feel great.”


Favorite exercise: Glute bridges

Least favorite exercise: Burpees

Career: Marketing Specialist at Graybar for 20 years

Go to healthy meal: A lean protein like chicken breast with roasted root vegetables. Breakfast is a shake with PFP protein powder, coconut milk and fruit.

Family: Married to husband for 5 years, three sisters and mother

Pets: A mane coon kitty named Virginia

Hobbies: Hiking, cycling, participating as Treasurer for the Ellisville Elks organization and feeding/watering backyard birds

Favorite workout music? Maroon 5!