Julie Mills


Julie Mills needed to make a change. She was counting calories, walking on a treadmill a few times a week and going to a “big box” gym, but it just wasn’t working for her. As a busy paralegal at Express Scripts, Julie needed to make the most of her workouts, and someone to hold her accountable for her health and fitness goals. In early 2017, a friend sent her the link to Pursuit Fitness and Performance’s (PFP) Balanced Habits program. “I started going just for the nutritional component,” Julie says. “But then I just fell in love with the place and the trainers.” She hasn’t looked back.

Julie finds the atmosphere at PFP to be completely different from the gyms she belonged to before. “You can feel the positivity when you’re in there,” Julie says. “I never go in there and find someone is being a Debbie Downer. There’s just this energy level.” She does group training and loves that the activities are geared toward what she can do and needs to accomplish, while she’s still being motivated by her fellow members. “The other members are encouraging,” Julie says. “We’re always there to lift one another up.” Julie enjoys the community at PFP and tries to participate in PFP activities, outside of workouts, as much as possible. After attending a few PFP hikes, Julie and her husband both bought brand new pairs of hiking shoes. Now they have a new hobby that they’re able to enjoy together. “We love it,” Julie says. “Anything that (PFP) has that’s an extra activity I try to attend. It’s always a good time.”

Part of the fun includes member interactions with PFP trainers. Julie has really enjoyed having their support. “They’re just genuinely good people,” Julie says. “You can feel their passion for helping others.”

This passion, Julie’s realized, often goes above and beyond members’ fitness. For Julie, this became apparent last year after she lost her dad. “That was really hard,” Julie says. “And sometimes you just need someone to help you with the really hard stuff.” For Julie, that someone was PFP trainer, Anna. In Anna, Julie found someone to listen to her and to encourage her to continue to work toward her goals. “I’ve learned that it’s OK to ask for help and just talk through struggles that you’re dealing with,” Julie says. “There are going to be things in life that are just bigger than you.”

Julie’s physical and mental work with trainers like Anna has paid off in big ways in regard to her overall health and fitness. “I used to get headaches every single day of my life,” Julie says. “Since I started Balanced Habits and learned to balance my sugar levels, I just don’t get headaches anymore!” She’s committed to spending time working on meal prep on her weekends in order to stick to the Balanced Habits program and has been pleased with the results. “It feels good to take care of yourself,” Julie says. “I feel more confident. I feel like I can take on my challenges.”

This can-do attitude serves Julie well in a stressful job environment, helping her to balance her professional and familial duties while still taking time to care for herself. Her initial interest in simply the Balanced Habits program has resulted in a more balanced lifestyle overall. “It’s not just about nutrition,” Julie says. “It’s not just about dropping a few extra pounds. It’s also psychological. PFP is about an overall journey to well-being.”


Favorite exercise: Lifting

Least favorite exercise: Running—I am so grateful that there’s not a lot of running in the program!

Family: Husband and 28-year-old daughter who is working on becoming an RN.

Career: Paralegal at Express Scripts

Favorite workout music: It doesn’t matter. I could work out to silence to be honest. I just enjoy working out.

Go to healthy meal: Turkey tacos

Hobbies: My dad was a union guy with steel, but he grew up on a farm in Mills, Kentucky. My mom was a stay at home mom and we always had quite a garden, so I grew up picking beans and tomatoes and canning. This past year I decided to go to Stuckmeyer’s Farm and started canning my own tomatoes and beans. So, canning is one of my hobbies!