Julie Hohmann

Julie Hohmann
“I’m in the best condition I’ve ever been in even though I’m only 5 weeks postpartum."

Julie Hohmann needed a new place to work out. She’d tried several “big gyms” but she
just didn’t like them very much. One day, about two years ago, she did a random Google search
for gyms in her area. The first place to come up in her search was Pursuit Fitness and
Performance (PFP). PFP was advertising a 28-day challenge at the time, so Julie decided to give
it a try. “After 10 days I was like, ok, this place is for me,” Julie says. She was hooked, and
immediately became a member.

PFP has guided Julie through a unique era in her life. Just 5 weeks ago, she gave birth to
her second son. Rather than feeling tired and out of shape following her pregnancy, Julie feels
she is in peak physical condition. “I’m in the best condition I’ve ever been in even though I’m
only 5 weeks postpartum,” Julie says. As a college diver and softball player, Julie has always
been a good athlete, so the workouts came naturally. Nutrition, however, presented a
challenge. Julie struggled with maintaining a healthy diet, so, in her sixth month of pregnancy,
she joined PFP’s “Balanced Habits” program. The Balanced Habits program helped Julie with
meal planning so that she could really work toward her goals. “I put on 20 pounds right away
when I got pregnant,” Julie says. “But when I joined Balanced Habits I kind of flatlined for the
rest of the pregnancy. It’s all about consistently eating right and still doing some sort of fitness
training or cardio. It’s a mixture of both.”

With PFP’s help, Julie was able to maintain a healthy pregnancy, and even continued her
workouts at the gym up until the day before she gave birth. Julie partly credits this
accomplishment to her trainers. “You just develop a relationship with them,” Julie says. “Now I
feel like it’s really more of a friendship. They are able to hold me accountable. They know me,
they know my routine.” Julie appreciates the accountability at PFP and likes that when she
misses a workout her trainers will text or email her to see what’s up. She likes that the trainers
seem to really care about the members and are not just there to collect a paycheck. “They’re
always there for my well-being,” Julie says. “They can talk to me the way I need to be talked to.
They’re very understanding and they’re there to help motivate me both mentally and

Julie has also enjoyed the motivation she’s received from other members. It’s not that
she goes to the gym to socialize—she’s there to work and meet her goals. But the friendships
she’s developed along the way are just an added bonus to her experience. “I’ve developed
lifelong friendships with the other members,” Julie says. “Everyone is so supportive, and we are
all there for one another. It’s like a family.”

Though Julie is officially on maternity leave from PFP, she’s impatiently waiting to get
back to the gym. “I’m just very thankful that I found PFP,” Julie says. “Overall, mentally and
physically I look forward to going in and feeling good. It changes the way I think and look and
interpret myself and others. I want to be healthy and live a long, prosperous life.”


Favorite exercise: Wall Balls

Least favorite exercise: Bear Crawls

Family: A husband of 5 years who works for Anheuser-Busch and is a runner and a 3.5-year-old
son and 5-week-old son

Career: High-School English Teacher

Hobbies: Coaching her son’s t-ball team and cousin’s softball team

Favorite workout music: I like the overall music that PFP plays. Anything upbeat that’s not

Go to healthy meal: Any of the thousands of Balanced Habits recipes

Looking forward to… Going on a trip at the end of the month and getting back to PFP next

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