Joy and Corey Breneman

"Find the time, make the time for it. Being more physically fit benefits every aspect of life. It makes you feel better about everything.”

There are a lot of couples who belong to gyms together. But Pursuit Fitness’s “power couples” are different. They are people who not only enjoy incorporating exercise into their weekly routines, but have also committed to a complete healthy lifestyle, balancing diet, hydration, sleep and workouts. These couples support each other in their goals and push each other to improve each day. 

Joy and Corey Breneman are one such power couple. Joy was the first in their family to discover Pursuit. With a father who died at a young age from obesity related causes, and an obese mother, Joy felt as if the cards were stacked against her. She knew she’d be constantly fighting the inevitable creep of weight gain, so one night when she was browsing through Facebook, she saw an ad for Pursuit Fitness and decided to give it a try. “I went in and met with (Pursuit owner) Ryan,” Joy says. “And he asked me what was going on in my life and I just started crying.” Joy says she was experiencing a lot of change and she wasn’t happy with where she was in her life, physically. Joy’s kids were growing up and moving out and she was starting a new job, working with her husband at his financial planning firm. The rest of her life was changing, why not take that moment to pursue new fitness goals too?

It’s been two years since that day in Ryan’s office. A year after Joy joined, Corey signed up too. Now working out is something the couple does together as a hobby and a chance to hang out. Since they’ve become Pursuit members, Corey has lost a total of 30 pounds and Joy has lost 20 pounds. “Mainly I just feel stronger,” Joy says. “Our son got married in our backyard this year, and I was able to do a lot of lifting and yard work that I wasn’t able to do before.” 

Corey credits his weight loss to a better understanding of nutrition. The couple did Pursuit’s nutrition Program, learning how to balance carbs, fats and proteins the right way. “A big part of the (weight loss) was learning about eating,” Corey says. “I’ve lost four inches from my waist. Overall I just feel better.” He finds that the trainers at Pursuit are able to push him to be his best. “I like to push myself on weight, but the trainers also help me to have the right form. They push me as well, which I like.” 

For both of the Brenemans, an added bonus of belonging to Pursuit is the camaraderie they feel with their fellow members. “I really do enjoy the group training and being with the other people,” Corey says. Joy agrees. “We’ve gone to a couple of events—hiking and social things—and just having familiar faces to work out alongside of is great. It’s a family.” 

Of course, working in the financial sector, both Corey and Joy are happy to be investing in themselves and their future as they begin this next stage of life. “(Pursuit) is a family feel and fits our lifestyle well,” Corey says. Acknowledging his busy work week his advice to prospective members is to make it happen. “Find the time, make the time for it,” Corey says. Joy couldn’t agree more. “Being more physically fit benefits every aspect of life. It makes you feel better about everything.”  


Favorite exercise: Joy loves planking and Corey loves dumbbell presses

Least favorite exercise: Lunges (both agree!) 

Go to healthy meal: Healthy Choice Simply Steamers entrees

Go to breakfast: A protein bar and a piece of fruit

Family: Three adult children—two out of college and one who is a sophomore in college 

Hobbies: Involved in church ministries, including helping to build a school in India. Both like to golf and travel to Mexico and Table Rock Lake. 


Favorite workout music? Joy likes the ‘80s jams and Corey leans more toward classic, ‘70s rock