Erin Heidemann

Erin Heidemann
“It’s hard to go to the gym some days and something as simple as ‘I’m really glad you’re here can change your entire day around.”

Erin Heidemann grew up as an athlete. She always played soccer, and was involved in sports, but as a busy adult all of that changed. Erin works as a pediatric OR nurse. Twelve hour shifts, combined with raising a busy four-year-old boy made it difficult to fit in time for exercise. “I kind of fell off the wagon and I needed to find something that would engage me to get back into more activity,” Erin says. Browsing Facebook one day, Erin saw an ad for Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP). It seemed like just the thing. “I went in and took a tour and that was it.”

The ad Erin saw was for PFP’s Balanced Habits Kick Start program, a comprehensive nutrition and fitness program designed to help members kick start their health and weight-loss goals. In March of 2017, Erin signed up for the Balanced Habits program, and she hasn’t looked back. The kick start helped her to learn about her nutritional needs, and to plan her meals efficiently. “The meal timing became a habit for me after the first couple of weeks,” Erin says. “Making actual recipes with real food is one of the hardest things for me, but that’s one of the best parts of Balanced Habits. You don’t have to be a chef to do the program well. Everyone is so busy and nobody can realistically make five meals a day, but there are other things you can do to be successful.”

Aside from working on her nutritional goals, Erin stepped up her intensity and her commitment to her workouts as well. The accountability encouraged by the culture at PFP is a big motivating factor for her. “I used to be a member (at another gym),” Erin says. “But nobody knew my name or cared if I was there. They never congratulated me on a good day or could tell if I was having a bad day.” That changed for Erin at PFP. “It’s hard to go to the gym some days and something as simple as ‘I’m really glad you’re here can change your entire day around.”

Erin has really enjoyed the relationships she’s built with her trainers at PFP. She typically works out with Katie and Anna, two trainers whose familiarity with her workout routine has allowed them to push her and encourage her to reach new levels and goals. “I seriously cannot say enough positive things about them,” Erin says. “They are so motivating. From the very first day they made a point to get to know me. I wasn’t just another person spending money at their gym.”
At PFP, Erin continues to work on her personal weight loss goals, while appreciating the victories she’s achieved benefitting her overall health and wellness. “I’m so much stronger, I sleep better, I eat better, I’m able to do things I wasn’t able to before, I’ve lost inches and body fat,” Erin says. “It’s kind of a personal lesson to see success in other ways, not just numbers on a scale.”

As Erin moves into 2018, her goal is to remain focused on improving her overall health. She wants to continue at PFP, working toward her own personal accomplishments. “I’m taking the time to do it and actually letting myself know that it’s ok to put myself first sometimes,” Erin says. “I wouldn’t be where I am health-wise without PFP. It really has changed my life.”

Favorite exercise: Russian Deadlifts (RDLs)—or any leg work

Least favorite exercise: Monkey climbs. They tear my hands up.

Family: Husband and son, Nolan

Favorite workout music: Rock music, or anything up beat

Go to healthy meal: I make turkey taco meat with peppers all of the time. I love it.

Hobbies: We just like to be outside as a family—just playing, riding bikes, throwing a ball around, we’re always out there doing things.

New Year’s Resolution: To take time for myself. We do a lot of family things because I’m an aunt to triplets and twins from the same family—so it’s all hands on deck!
Looking forward to in 2018…We might go to Florida. We like to swim and be outside. My parents have a lake house so that’s where we’ll be in the summer.