Ed and Barbara Reeb

Barb and Ed Reeb
"There's always something we could do after work. But we know that on Mondays and Wednesdays, we will be at Pursuit Fitness."

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle it is always easier when you have the support and
encouragement of those you live with, particularly a partner or spouse. Pursuit Fitness and
Performance (PFP) is no stranger to members who are also couples—quite a few married or
dating pairs work out at PFP. Barbara Sterkel Reeb and Ed Reeb are a great example of a PFP
power couple. They both have high intensity careers—she as a physician and he as an engineer
for Boeing—yet they’ve prioritized a healthy lifestyle through the principles they’ve learned at
PFP, and they support each other in their fitness goals and journey.

Both Barb and Ed have casually tried to stay in shape throughout their adult lives. Barb
used to swim in the mornings, and they’ve belonged to a variety of gyms, but nothing really
provided them the motivation to be consistent and reliable with their workouts. When their
daughter, Jenny, started training at PFP, she encouraged her parents to check it out. They both
attended a trial workout and enjoyed it so much that they decided to join. That was 2.5 years
ago, and the pair have been dedicated members ever since.

Barb and Ed have enjoyed the accountability offered by PFP and reinforced by each
other. “The PFP atmosphere, camaraderie and family provides incentive to work out and be
consistent and reliable,” Ed says. “You have to make it a priority. We’re not young people
anymore, so after we work out and then eat, we’re pretty bushed. It takes a bit of dedication.”
“There’s always something else you could do after work,” Barb adds. “But we know that on
Monday and Wednesday evenings we’re at PFP.”

Their dedication has paid off. Both mentioned that they can “count on a good night’s
sleep” after their workouts and have enjoyed an increase in strength and coordination. “It’s
nice to be able to walk up 3-4 flights of steps without getting leg pain or short of breath,” Barb
says. “It’s good to feel mastery over your body.” Barb and Ed have enjoyed the challenge of
their workouts, but they really started seeing results when they joined PFP’s Balanced Habits
program 6 months ago. Barb lost 15 pounds and the two of them have committed to the
program together, which has been a helpful incentive for both. “You just don’t realize the bad
eating habits you fall into,” Barb says. “(Balanced Habits) really provided an excellent outline
that wasn’t too difficult to follow. Once we started to make the diet changes, combined with
the exercise, it made a big difference.” They’ve found that the extra effort to cook healthy
meals has been worth it since both of them are participating.

Barb and Ed don’t live anywhere near PFP, and they both have busy careers and a family
to balance. What makes it all worth it? The trainers. “They are fabulous,” Barb says. “They’re
what keeps us coming back. They’re there to lead us and they’re very encouraging, caring and
thoughtful.” Ed mentions that the members also add to PFP’s unique atmosphere. “Other
members are supportive rather than competitive. We’re all like-minded, no one is there to
outdo one another.”

With PFP, Barb and Ed have found a perfect fit for their new, consistent, healthy
lifestyle. “It’s true what they say,” Barb says. “You’ve got to use it or lose it.” Barb and Ed have
decided, together, to continue to “use it” by maintaining their commitment to PFP. “I hope it
continues to just flourish,” Ed says. “It’s a great place.”


Favorite exercise:
B: Core exercises that help my golf swing.
E: Rows

Least favorite exercise:
B: The sled
E: Pull ups (even though they are so good for you)

Family: Ed and Barb have been married for 15 years and they have four daughters and one son
Career: Barb is a physician who does diagnostic imaging with the VA Medical Center and Ed is
an engineer at Boeing with the F-15 Japan program.

Favorite workout music:
B: Oldies
E: Anything with a beat that is equivalent to the speed of the actions

Go to healthy meal: The protein shakes from the Kick Start program—just protein powder,
almond milk, strawberries, blueberries and ice. Barb and Ed enjoy them for breakfast or as a
dessert in the evening.

Looking forward to…skiing in Colorado in January.

Fun PFP success story:  Barb once rolled her ankle in the parking lot after work. Instead of falling
and hurting her ankle, Barb fell down like she was doing a burpee and popped right back up!

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