Donna Morgan

Donna Morgan
"I lost 6 pounds after I started Balanced Habits. At first, I was mad about the pounds because I wanted to lose more, until I found out that I’d lost 10 inches throughout my body!"

Donna Morgan shares a name with someone special. She has the exact same first and last name as Pursuit Fitness and Performance owner, Ryan Morgan. This coincidence led to a bit of confusion when Donna tried to switch from her usual gym to Pursuit Fitness. “(My old gym) got so packed,” Donna says. “There was no room to work out. So, I quit working out entirely. Then one day I saw Ryan’s ad on Facebook and I sent him a message.” Donna had decided to give Pursuit a try. The trouble was, when Ryan saw the Facebook message he thought it was just his mom playing a trick on him! “I emailed him again,” Donna says. “And said ‘Hey! I’m trying to get ahold of you!’” That got Ryan’s attention.

Donna soon signed up to try the Pursuit Balanced Habits program, starting with a 28-day challenge. The Balanced Habits program helped Donna to not only get back into a workout routine, but also learn more about how to meet her nutritional needs. “I had gotten so used to eating candy and just eating whenever I wanted to,” Donna says. “It was a big lifestyle change. But now my body is so used to it.” During her first 28-day challenge, Donna also learned how to incorporate new elements to her weekly exercise routine. “I learned how to do a kettle bell swing and enjoyed the classes. I did a strength training class and that was my favorite. I loved working out with the weights.”
Donna saw results after her first 28-day stint with the Balanced Habits program. “I lost 6 pounds after I started Balanced Habits,” Donna says. “At first, I was mad about the pounds because I wanted to lose more, until I found out that I’d lost 10 inches throughout my body! Right then I decided to go ahead and become a Balanced Habits Lifetime Member.”

Donna hasn’t looked back. She looks forward to her group training sessions at Pursuit Fitness and appreciates the culture of the gym, in comparison to her previous experience at the first gym she belonged to. “They are the best group of people to have cheer you on,” Donna says. “From Ryan down, they are all great. If they think you can do more than they push you to do it. They’re there to help and offer encouragement. They push you when they think you need it and they help you when they think you need it.” Donna typically works out with Katie and Anna and she loves that they’ve pushed her to become stronger and to challenge herself each week.

Donna also finds strength in her relationships with other Pursuit members. “The other members are great,” Donna says. “They high five you or tell you that you are doing a great job. If something looks hard they encourage you and tell you that you can do it.” The bonds she’s formed with both the employees and members at Pursuit Fitness have created an atmosphere that helps Donna to look forward to her workouts—and her progress.

“Pursuit Fitness is just more family oriented,” Donna says. “We’re a family. We’re not just a number there. They treat us like family.”

Favorite exercise: Russian Deadlifts (RDLs) or kettle bell swings

Least favorite exercise: The sled

Family: I have two grown sons that are both married and two amazing little granddaughters and a grandson on the way, due in late March or early April.

Career: Works in the Finance Department of Unlimited Pre-Paid Distribution

Favorite workout music: All of it! If we have a break during the workout or something me and (fellow member) John will always start dancing!

Go to healthy meal: The Balanced Habits “Paul’s Special Smoothie” i.e. Chocolate protein, banana, peanut butter and water.

Hobbies: I like to go camping and ride my Harley. I’ll ride to Fast Eddie’s, Grafton or Kingdom City. I just get on it and go.

Goals: I want to lose another 10-12 pounds and just see how much stronger I can be. Just get stronger.

Looking forward to in 2018…I had breast cancer and now I’m 5.5 years cancer free, so I just take one day at a time. I’m looking forward to what the future holds.