Diane Marshall

Diane Marshall
"Everyone is friendly,” Diane says. “It’s just a nice community and it’s helped Mike and I a lot. We feel much healthier and just better overall."

As a mother to four adult daughters, and a grandmother to three baby girls, Diane Marshall knows a thing or two about being a role model. She’s always worked hard in her career as a nurse and as a mother, but she hasn’t always been able to find the time to put herself first. Her girls recognized this and decided to sign their mom up for a Mother’s Day special at Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP). “I knew I wanted to be stronger and do something for myself,” Diane says. This was in the spring of 2015, a few months before Diane’s eldest daughter, Katie’s wedding. “We had the wedding coming up, and that was motivation to get into shape,” Diane says. Months after Katie said, “I do” Diane realized she was hooked and decided to stick with PFP, continuing her workouts along with her husband, Mike.

Two and a half years later, Diane has lost thirty pounds. She feels stronger and has enjoyed having much more energy. Diane does both group training and personal training at PFP, and finds both useful in helping her reach her goals. “We belonged to (another gym) and I found I just wasn’t motivated to go,” she says. “The group structure (at PFP) helps me to go.” The trainers have pushed her to help her meet her goals, as well. “They’ve all been great to me,” Diane says. “They’re very friendly and helpful and they always have time to talk to me and help me along. They’re always encouraging.”

When Diane hits a plateau, she just looks to her trainers and fellow members to push her to that next level. “They know I can do it so they push me and motivate me,” Diane says. “I don’t always want to do it, but when I see someone doing something or lifting a certain weight I think to myself if they can do it, I can too.” Though the other members, including Mike, push her to be better, she doesn’t find the atmosphere at PFP to be competitive. “Everyone is friendly,” Diane says. “You don’t have to worry how you are dressed there. Nobody is snotty. It’s just a nice community and it’s helped Mike and I a lot. We feel much healthier and just better overall.”

Diane’s biggest challenge has been adjusting her eating habits to meet her health and fitness goals. Last May she signed up for the Balanced Habits Kick Start program and has found it to be a useful tool for learning how to stick to a healthy diet. “That’s really made me more aware of what I’m eating and what I should eat,” Diane says. “It’s really helped me.”

Diane recently retired from her nursing career last June. As she begins to adjust to her new lifestyle she’s ready to take on any adventure with her improved strength and energy. “I want to be healthy and active so that I can go on hikes and ride bikes and do things in my retirement,” Diane says. “We’re going skiing on a PFP trip in February. I haven’t skied in twelve years, but going to PFP has made me so much stronger so I think I can do it. We’re excited.”
Diane has reached many of her goals, but is still focused on losing weight, eating healthy and gaining strength. She’s channeling her additional energy gained from her workouts into being an incredible mom and grandmother. “I just want to help the girls out whenever I can,” Diane says. “It’s a kind of motivation.”


Favorite exercise: Kettle bell swings

Least favorite exercise: Push ups

Family: Husband (PFP member, Mike), daughters, Katie, Emily, Sarah and Abby and granddaughters, Evelyn, Olivia and Savannah

Favorite workout music: I like music from the ‘90s or pop/current music, which people find odd, but I think it comes from driving all the kids around for so many years. That’s what we always listened to.

Go to healthy meal: Mike and I like to make steak fajitas from the Balanced Habits cookbook, but we use chicken instead and lots of bell peppers and onions. That’s one of our go to meals.

Hobbies: I retired from nursing back in June and now every other month I go up to Chicago and help Katie with Olivia. I also like to hike, bike and read.

Travel Plans: Skiing with a PFP group trip in February