Debbie Sher


Debbie Sher’s annual physical became her inspiration. Her doctor told her that all of her numbers were “up,” in fact, she was cautioned about becoming pre-diabetic. “I knew I needed to lose weight, or I’d just be on more meds,” Debbie says. Debbie had never been an athlete growing up and had never officially belonged to a gym before either. Then, in the fall of 2017, she noticed a friend “checking in” at Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP) via social media. Debbie decided to give it a try.

Debbie joined PFP’s workout program and immediately signed up for the Balanced Habits nutrition program as well. With PFP trainer, Anna, Debbie learned all about nutrition and how to best balance her workouts and her diet. Still, a year later, Debbie was only down a few pounds.

“One day, Anna asked me, ‘Are you actually doing the program?’” Debbie says. “And then it just clicked. I knew how to eat, I just had not implemented it!” From that point forward, Debbie focused on her nutrition and her workouts, taking Anna’s mantra that weight loss/health is 20% working out and 80% nutrition to heart.

In the year after Debbie began to truly follow the Balanced Habits program, she lost 35 pounds. Her weight loss afforded her additional health benefits as well. “I’m sleeping better and just have more energy and feel better all around,” Debbie says. Debbie’s results were so inspiring that her husband decided to join with her. “We try to get there at least twice a week together.” PFP sponsors a “Five Week Foundation” program in February, which Debbie’s husband signed up for. “He was overweight,” Debbie says. “So, I wanted him to do it.” Debbie’s husband listened to the staff at PFP and closely followed their instructions, losing 20 pounds, and winning 3rd place in the February competition. “We’ve been members together since March,” Debbie says.

Debbie credits much of her success to PFP’s trainers. “They are amazing, there’s so much encouragement, it’s unbelievable. They really help me to be very accountable.” Debbie loves that the PFP trainers have given her their personal cell phone numbers with instructions to reach out anytime with questions or when she needs motivation. She loves that when she misses a week, the trainers text her to check in. “I love it,” Debbie says. “I recommend them to everyone. They’re all really good people. They really just want to help you out.”

With the trainers’ support and her husband by her side, Debbie is fully committed to the PFP lifestyle, including participating in many of the gym sponsored hikes. She loves that the gym is geared toward her own personal pace. “I’m not going to be a ninja,” Debbie says. “I just want to be healthier and play with grandkids one day and live longer. I just want to keep improving.”

This year, Debbie is actually excited for her annual physical. “I can’t wait to see if my numbers are down,” she says. “I’m planning on it being better. I just feel better all around.”   


Favorite exercise: Planks

Least favorite exercise: Lunges

Go to healthy meal: Turkey taco salad with a variety of veggies and feta cheese

Go to breakfast: Cup of coffee and yogurt with fruit and granola

Pets: Hershey, who is training to be a touch dog. He has one obedience class to pass still!

Hobbies: Touch training with Hershey and tutoring at Hebrew School in September

Favorite workout music? All of the music at PFP, but especially Train, Pink and Kelly Clarkson

Looking forward to…My son’s wedding in New Jersey in June!

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