Dan Seidel

Dan Seidel
“I keep going to Pursuit Fitness because they keep you from getting into a routine so that you’re not always doing the same thing."

Dan Seidel has been working out at a variety of gyms for close to 40 years. He’s tried
every brand name place out there but found that he always settled into the same old routine.
About four years ago, his wife gave him a unique Father’s Day present—a chance to try out
group training at Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP). PFP is a convenient drive from Dan’s
home, so he decided to give it a try. Dan found that PFP shook up his ho hum workout routine,
inspiring him to push himself to new levels and stick with a consistent regimen. He hasn’t
looked back.

“I keep going to (and paying for) PFP because they keep you from getting into a routine
so that you’re not always doing the same thing,” Dan says. “At PFP every month or so we have a
new set of exercises.” Four years later, Dan credits PFP for making him stronger, and helping
him through a physically challenging period of his life. About a year after he joined, Dan had a
hip replacement surgery. PFP initially helped Dan to drop weight, which took some of the
pressure off of his hip and delayed the inevitable surgery for about a year. “After I had my hip
replaced they worked with me when I got back to the gym,” Dan says. “I had a super-fast

Dan credits the trainers at PFP for helping him to stay focused and work toward his
goals. As a frequent member of the 6 am group training class, Dan typically works with Andrew,
but enjoys the variety of trainers offered as well. “They all bring something different,” Dan says.
“I like to work with all different trainers as a change of pace.”

The other members in his group training classes are fun to chat with, but, typically, Dan
is not one for socializing during gym time. “I just get in there and work out,” Dan says.
“I try tomake sure that I work through the entire exercise. I don’t quit early,
I’m usually in my zone andI’ll talk during breaks.”

Dan tries to stay focused on the task at hand as he works toward his next fitness
goals—to lose more weight and to be able to do a strict pull up. “I’ve never been able to do
them,” Dan says, of pull ups. “At my age (54) it’s gotten harder, but it’s kind of fun.” He has
already noticed his workouts making him stronger, especially after the recovery from his hip
surgery. “Overall, I’m stronger,” Dan says. “After my hip was done one leg was noticeably
weaker, so I definitely feel like I’m stronger now.”

For a man who likes to change—and someone who has changed gyms throughout his
life—PFP has ended up being the perfect fit. New trainers, new workouts and new members
keep things interesting for Dan and keep him constantly coming back. “For me, the main reason
to work out there is the variety, “Dan says. “You really do get a full body workout.”


Favorite exercise: I like almost all of the exercises.

Least favorite exercise: The slam balls. Everyone loves the slam balls, but I don’t like them,
especially the twists.

Family: My wife Tina and I have been married for 30 years. We have a 28-year- old son who is
married and has our granddaughter and we have a 26-year- old son. One lives in Tacoma, WA
and one is currently living in Ohio.

Career: I work as a Design Engineering Manager at Boeing.

Favorite workout music: Dropkick Murphys. If I’m ever there by myself at 6 am I have them put
on Dropkick Murphys for me.

Go-to healthy meal: I like plain old grilled chicken with some seasoning.
Hobbies: My wife and I like to take RV trips. We’re going to Fort Worth this year and we like to
go to state parks and go hiking. We’ve taken it to Florida, Memphis and New Orleans. I also
coach high school rugby at SLUH.