Cindy Jones

"My body alignment is so much better because I am using the right muscles."

Cindy Jones knows that the best antidote to a bad day is the sledgehammer. She might be frustrated about something from work or just caught up in life’s daily struggles, but when she comes into Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP) to work out with that sledgehammer, everything turns around. “If I’m in a crabby mood,” Cindy says. “PFP will make it better. The coaches bring an upbeat attitude. It’s fun to be in a group situation.”

So, how did Cindy discover the gym that would become her automatic-mood-booster? When her company, Southern Graphic Systems, moved to Overland three years ago, a fellow coworker who had previously worked out with Cindy joined PFP and convinced Cindy to sign up too. Cindy had always enjoyed working out, and as a former aerobics enthusiast who had recently discovered the benefits of group training, she was more than willing to give PFP a try. She loved the family-like environment provided by PFP, as well as the experienced guidance from the coaches, so she signed up to become a member and hasn’t looked back.

Cindy’s results were more than enough to convince her to stay. “My body alignment is so much better because I’m using the right muscles,” Cindy says. “They’re making sure I learn to do everything correctly so that I learn how to build enough strength so that I don’t injure my knee. My back doesn’t hurt as much, and I’m even working through some issues I’ve had since I was a child.”

She’s always been fairly confident about her daily nutrition, but one area she’s hoping to improve on is her push-up skills. “When I was doing aerobics years ago, I was taught to do push-ups the wrong way,” Cindy says. “Now, I’ve started the journey to build up my back muscles so that I can finally keep my upper back aligned.” She likes that the PFP trainers are concerned with proper movement, not just the speed or weight involved in each workout. “They’re making sure that I’m doing it right. I don’t want to injure myself, so I want someone to tell me if things aren’t straight. (At PFP) they are practicing functional movement.”

Cindy is enjoying the benefits of her stronger, straighter posture while still creating new and challenging goals for herself. Number one on her list? Getting that push-up. “It’s been a goal for a long time,” Cindy says. “But so is continuing to build strength and making sure that everything stays aligned as it’s supposed to be.” 

The best part of being a member at PFP? Cindy is not just able to work on her goals, but she has fun doing it—especially with that sledgehammer, meant to make her daily stress disappear. Cindy knows that a trip to PFP can often guarantee instant feel-good endorphins. “I just really like it there,” she says. “It’s just fun.” 


Favorite exercise: The sledgehammer to the tire

Least favorite exercise: Push-ups 

Go to healthy meal: Turkey burger with feta cheese and green onions and a tomato/mango/avocado/cilantro salsa on top. 

Go to breakfast: I like to make a “Big Breakfast” which is enough for one month, and then I freeze it to use. Scrambled eggs, sausage, onions, peppers, and hash browns.

Pets: Virgil, a 105-pound lab/golden mixed mutt

Hobbies: I work in the yard and do a lot of projects around my house. I hang out with my friends and neighbors, playing cornhole and such, and I take care of my mom.

Favorite workout music? I like when they play metal at PFP. AC/DC and the hard rock bands. 

Looking forward to…Spending some time at my property on the Huzzah this summer