Barry Spiegelglass

"The trainers are terrific. They encourage us and they’re friendly. I can’t say enough about them."

Member of the Month  (March 2017)

Barry Spiegelglass has always belonged to a gym. He’s always been fit and always felt healthy. But he was bored. At his gym, Barry would work out on the machines or try yoga. But he found himself settling into a lull in his workout routine.

Then he found Pursuit Fitness and Performance. Barry, who runs his family owned construction company, works across the street from PFP. He spotted an ad for the gym and so decided to go check it out. “When I started, (PFP owner) Ryan (Morgan) interviewed me and asked what I wanted out of it,” Barry says. “I said I want to feel healthy.”

Two years later, the group classes at PFP have pulled Barry out of his workout rut. “I really like PFP’s classes,” Barry says. “It changes up and they keep it fresh. They challenge me and are always pushing me and I like that. They inspire me to work out.”

Of course, though Barry is fit and healthy, the lifestyle changes that go with being a member of PFP do present challenges. The hardest part for Barry is eating less processed sugar. When he struggles, though, he always knows that he has a support system to turn to at PFP. “(The trainers) always encourage me and help me with food. I’m always asking questions about how to look at calories and things like that,” Barry says. “The trainers are terrific. They encourage us and they’re friendly. I can’t say enough about them.”

Aside from being a dedicated PFP member and construction company owner, Barry is also grandfather to six grandchildren, ranging from ages 13 to 3. Though he’s fit and does not have much weight to lose, Barry is focused on remaining healthy and strong for his grandchildren. “We spend a lot of time with them and participate in their activities,” Barry says. It’s much easier for Barry to be a fun grandpa now that he is stronger and pain free. Four years ago, after several operations in order to solve his shoulder pain, Barry had a shoulder replacement. “Everything went well,” Barry says. “But that left me with quite a bit less strength and range of motion.” When he joined PFP, one of Barry’s goals was to work on gaining back full use of his shoulder. “It took a while, but my shoulder is strong and I can easily do pushups and other exercises without pain,” Barry says. This freedom from pain, and new found strength, gives Barry enough momentum to keep up with his busy family. “That to me, is the best thing I have gained from being at Pursuit,” Barry says.

Barry is looking forward to another year of growing stronger with his PFP family as well. Years out of his usual gym rut, Barry looks forward to crossing the street after work for his group training classes. “Everyone (at PFP) is nice and trying to do and be better,” Barry says. “It’s just a friendly atmosphere. I like it.”