Barb DuBois

"They’re always listening to me, asking me every session how I’m feeling or how my shoulders are doing, and they’ll modify my exercises to limit pain."

Barb Dubois is planning to retire at the end of this year. A little over a year and a half ago, she considered what her life would be like in retirement. Would she be able to stay active? Would she be able to pursue hobbies and travel? Could she lose the 35 pounds she’d recently put back on after an initial weight loss? While considering this significant life change, Barb came across a Facebook ad for Pursuit Fitness and Performance. “It had been ten years since I’d been particularly active in the sense of having a routine established to exercise regularly,” Barb says. “The personal training attracted me to them. I wanted to have a coach give me guidance to make sure I was doing things correctly.”

Barb signed up for semi-personal training, meaning that she works out in a group of up to 4 people twice a week. She’d done classes at her local Rec-plex over the years and had worked out on her own using various exercise machines, but she’d never experienced workouts like those at Pursuit. “They don’t have all of these machines like treadmills and steppers,” Barb says. “They focus on developing your muscle groups. They don’t just teach you to use a machine; they’re really focusing on your various muscle groups to help you (gain strength).”

It hasn’t been easy for Barb to adjust to her new regimen. She’s had a lot of soreness, which has changed her routine. But she’s appreciated how the Pursuit trainers have responded to her needs. “They redesigned my program, moving me a bit slower than I had been moving. They’re always listening to me, asking me every session how I’m feeling or how my shoulders are doing, and they’ll modify my exercises to limit pain.”  

Her cooperation with her trainers has paid off. Barb is down 30 pounds and has maintained that for the last six months. When Barb started at Pursuit, she disciplined herself to eat well to kick off her weight loss journey. After three months, she joined the Kick Start Nutritional Program to give herself a boost. “I wanted something else in my toolbox,” Barb says. “(Trainer) Anna is a good resource for me. She’s given me additional resources in terms of meetings and materials (to help me).” Barb is hoping to lose another ten pounds and has been focusing her meal prep on low-cal, healthy ingredients.

Her goals are made easier by the ever-present camaraderie of her fellow Pursuit members. “They’re all supportive, and I try to be supportive of them, as well,” Barb says. “It’s inspired me to see people my age or older achieving their goals and doing the best they can do. I admire that and recognize that effort and commitment it takes to be able to do that.” She likes that they cheer each other on and offer acknowledgment. “I think that’s fabulous,” Barb says.

With her career winding down and her kids grown, Barb is looking forward to this next chapter of life. “Once I retire, I hope to be more active in my other pursuits,” Barb says. Sticking to her routine at Pursuit, Barb is sure to be able to achieve all she’s set out to do, maintaining her current nutritional needs and activity level. “I’m putting a plan together to be as healthy and active as I can be in my later years. I feel confident in my ability to continue the lifestyle I’ve established with Pursuit.”


Favorite exercise: I don’t have a favorite, I see the benefit to my body of all of the exercises!

Least favorite exercise: I hate the ropes, and they know it. I basically suggest that they don’t include those in my recommended items to do every week. 

Go to healthy meal: One that I got from the class is turkey chili. Now that we’re getting into fall, we make chili from October-March.

Go to breakfast: I’ve never been a morning person, just coffee, but after going through the Kick Start program, I try to have a yogurt or a piece of fruit along with my coffee each morning. I try to eat in four-hour increments each day.

Family: Married with grown kids and a high energy golden retriever named Sam 

Career: A partner at a CPA firm 

Hobbies: Travel, be active outdoors, volunteering as a CPA for non-profits

Favorite workout music? Anything upbeat and energetic

Looking forward to…My niece is getting married first in St. Louis and then in India, and we’re traveling to India for the wedding!