Autumn Brightwell

“(The trainers) keep track of my skill set and and help me to improve with each exercise,” Autumn says.

Autumn Brightwell was always an athlete. She kept busy in high school, playing a variety of sports, and continued to be active throughout college. After school, however, when she settled into adult life at an architecture firm, she began to spend more time at a desk than on a softball field or volleyball court. Knowing it was time for a change, Autumn joined a “typical” gym, but it just wasn’t working for her.

“I would find something (at her previous gym) that I was comfortable doing and I would use the same equipment each time,” Autumn says. “I didn’t work out different muscle groups. No one was there to help me with it. It failed me.” A coworker at Autumn’s architecture firm worked out at Pursuit Fitness and Performance, though, and thought that Autumn should give it a try. “After about a year of her persistence, I gave in and decided to try (PFP) out,” Autumn says. “That was a year and a half ago and ever since then I’ve loved every minute!”

Autumn believes that the biggest difference between PFP and an ordinary gym is the atmosphere. “(At PFP) it’s like a family,” Autumn says. “The trainers are good about texting and keeping me accountable. They check in and make sure that everything is going OK. They ask about my family and my life outside of the gym. They’re like a friend.” The other clients at PFP also help to create a family atmosphere for Autumn. “People (at PFP) recognize the things I’m going through or working on outside of the gym. They keep track of what everyone is doing.”

And they help her to push toward her goals. At her previous gym, Autumn felt that she wasn’t challenged, that she too easily slipped into the same ho hum routine. But at PFP, she feels she is pushed to reach her potential. “(The trainers) keep track of my skill set and and help me to improve with each exercise,” Autumn says. “They know each of the members well enough that they know what their skill level is and if they feel like they can go up a level then they’ll ask them to do that. If they feel like someone is struggling, they’ll help them get through it.”

Of course, clients at PFP work toward their health and wellness goals through more than just exercise. Nutrition is a big part of the PFP lifestyle, and for Autumn, this has been the biggest challenge. “I never cooked,” Autumn says. “I went out a lot or to my parents’ house for food. I had such anxiety about going to the store and finding what I needed to make a meal.” Autumn has worked through this challenge by utilizing tools, like food delivery service Blue Apron, to help her learn to cook with fresh ingredients. “It’s worked great for me,” she says. “It’s getting me to cook and to eat healthier.”

Autumn’s next challenge, however, is a big move. With her parents planning on moving to Utah, and her brothers already living out West, Autumn is planning to transfer to her firm’s Las Vegas office in the Fall, where she will be a manager. She hopes to take what she learned at PFP with her on her journey. “I’m really going to miss everybody at PFP,” Autumn says. “I’ve already talked to (PFP owner) Ryan about helping me to find a similar gym out there. But I definitely plan to go to PFP right up until I move.”




FAVORITE HEALTHY RECIPE? White fish from Blue Apron

HOBBIES? Hanging out with friends (going to dinner or movies), visiting family, reading and sketching.

FAVORITE WORKOUT SONG? Heavy rock with a good beat

CURRENTLY READING? The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

FUN PLANS FOR 2017? Taking a train trip with family across the state of Colorado