Angela Furch

"I want to stay as young as I can for as long as I can. I want to take care of myself and live a long, healthy, productive life."

Angela Furch has belonged to several “big box” gyms in the past and even created a home gym with free weights in her basement, but she never liked working out alone. One day Angela noticed that one of her friends had “liked” Pursuit Fitness and Performance on Facebook. She went to Pursuit’s website and immediately recognized someone she knew in one of the photos! That seemed like a good sign. “I liked the look of the clientele,” Angela says. “It seemed like it fit my age group.”

Angela started in March of last year and has already seen improvement in her overall strength. “It’s not as much about weight loss,” Angela says. “It’s more about toning up and getting stronger. And I need that as I get older.” She’s confident about her ability to manage her nutritional needs, with occasional splurges in moderation, and she feels like the trainers at Pursuit have helped to encourage her and challenge her, letting her reach that next level of strength. “When I get off track it’s nice to have (the trainers) there to watch my form,” Angela says. She appreciates that they’ll even give her workouts to do at home when she can’t make it into the gym.

For Angela, time is the biggest challenge of belonging to Pursuit. As a busy Body Shop Administrator for Weber Chevrolet, with a high school daughter who is heavily involved in soccer, Angela struggles to carve out a moment for herself to make it to Pursuit and get in her workout. But once she’s there, she feels like it’s well worth her time and money. “It’s more one on one,” Angela says. “There are small classes with personal attention. You’re not paying an exorbitant amount for more personal attention.” She likes that she’s able to get the feel of having a personal trainer within a group setting. “You get that connection, which means a lot. The encouragement is nice. When new people come in, everyone tries to give them that encouragement and make them feel welcome.”

Angela loves that Pursuit is more than just a gym—it’s a community. “(Pursuit founder) Ryan is very passionate about what he does, and he picks good people to work there,” Angela says. “They genuinely care about the people who go there, and they don’t hold back. It’s very genuine.” Pursuit often organizes hikes and activities for members to be fit, active, and social outside of the gym. Angela has had a hard time attending these events because of her daughter’s busy soccer schedule. “I’m hoping to get more involved after she goes to college next year,” she says. “It’s nice to network and get to know different people. I see myself doing hikes in the future, for sure.”

For now, Angela’s goal is to continue on her path to wellness and “stay as young as I can for as long as I can.” For her, age isn’t just about numbers. “I want to take care of myself and live a long, healthy, productive life.” 


Favorite/Least favorite exercise: I don’t really have a favorite or a least favorite. I like doing them all. There’s some that are harder than others, but I know that they are helping me and doing what they need to do. 

Go to healthy meal: I like to experiment with chicken and fish. I’ll add spices that add flavor, but not calories. We don’t use salt on anything. Just spicy things. 

Go to breakfast: BelVita breakfast bars

Family: A husband, a high school age daughter and a son who is 20 years older than my daughter. 

Hobbies: We like to hike and get outside and do outdoor things. We’re involved a lot in soccer right now and we like to camp. 

Career: Body Shop Administrator at Weber Chevrolet

Favorite workout music? I like the 80s dance music. It’s always fun to work out to stuff from the 80s. 

Looking forward to…Oktoberfest in St. Charles, cooler weather and family time outside by Mark Twain Lake.