Andy Pudlowski

Andy Pudlowski

January–the season of New Year’s resolutions and good intentions. Many of us vow to change our lifestyles at the beginning of each year, signing up for a gym membership and making promises to stick to strict diet plans. But what do those resolutions look like 11 months later? For many people, they fall apart. Andy Pudlowski was no exception. In the past, he’d join “big box” gyms at the start of each year, but by the time spring rolled around his commitment would fizzle. “I wanted something with a little more staying power,” Andy says.

Just after Christmas, at the beginning of 2018, Andy did some online searching and came across Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP). He realized that this gym was very close to his home and seemed to have a different mindset from the previous gyms he’d belonged to. He decided to give it a try, also committing to PFP’s “Foundations 4 Life” program to work on his nutritional habits, as well.

One year later, Andy’s life looks very different from the “typical” New Year’s resolution-maker who eventually falls off the wagon. He’s down 30 pounds and is committed to his weekly workouts at PFP, as well as the lifestyle tips he’s learned from Foundations 4 Life. “I didn’t want to work out at those other gyms,” Andy says. “Those gyms weren’t doing it for me. They weren’t pushing me. PFP does a great job of pushing me.” Andy credits a lot of his success to the atmosphere at PFP created by both the trainers and his fellow members. “They all help tremendously,” Andy says. “They’re all really engaged, really smart, they all know what they are talking about.”

Andy loves the “teamwork vibe” of the group during his group training sessions, which he tries to attend 2-3 times each week.  “Everyone lifts each other every, single workout,” Andy says.

Aside from his time at PFP, Andy works a physically demanding job as a route manager for Aramark Uniform Services. “We’re loading trucks, making deliveries, lifting heavy route bags, soil bags and other things,” Andy says. “I’m jumping in and out of trucks and in summer those trucks don’t have air conditioning, so it wears you out pretty quickly.” Maintaining his fitness and weight loss has helped to make this routine more manageable for Andy. “Even just going to PFP a couple of times a week when I first started, I noticed a difference,” Andy says. “I wasn’t dragging as much at work. I was better at my job.”

Over the holiday season, Andy found himself determined to stay committed to the progress he’d made in 2018, carefully sticking to his workouts and nutritional habits. “During the holidays I try to limit my indulgences to just one fun meal a day instead of indulging at every party,” Andy says. “And staying consistent with my workouts.”

Consistency is key. For Andy, 2019 looks bright. He’s carrying the momentum he started in 2018 into the new year. “My goals are on a weekly basis,” Andy says. “As long as I am sure that I am going to the gym, showing up and doing the workouts, that’s my goal every week. To stay consistent.” A far cry from the New Year’s resolution-maker who fizzles out after just a few weeks, Andy has proven what can be accomplished with mental strength and steadiness—and a supportive community to back you up. “It’s been awesome so far and I plan on staying (at PFP) into the future.”


Favorite exercise: Push-Ups

Least favorite exercise: Leg Curls

Family: Parents and brother (all live here in St. Louis)

Career: Route manager at Aramark Uniform Services

Favorite workout music: Anything fast and up-tempo

Hobbies: Hanging out with family and friends (preferably at a BBQ!)