Aime King

"The nutrition program allows you conquer little things at a time and then move on. I wasn’t overwhelmed by all of these massive goals. It’s manageable, and I can see results.

In 2019, Aime King’s goal is to focus on herself. As a busy senior sales manager at a pet food ingredient company, with two dogs and two horses to care for, as well as an hour-long commute each day, Aime must make the most of her time—including her time to work out. Aime has belonged to gyms in the past but never found herself committing with much consistency. She needed to find a gym that was convenient and offered the accountability she was looking for.

Aime’s office, IsoNova, is located just down the street from Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP). When PFP owner, Ryan Morgan, visited IsoNova to share the gym’s information with employees, Aime was intrigued. She gave PFP a call, and now, a year later, the gym has given her the ability to focus on her personal health and wellness goals.

“(The other gyms) always felt too much like a competition with intimidation,” Aime says. “But PFP is completely different. They’ve given me the tools to hold myself accountable. I don’t feel judged or intimidated when I go in there, everyone’s just been awesome and is motivating and cheerleading each other for the common goals that each of us has.”

One of Aime’s goals in her aim to focus on all aspects of herself is to improve her overall diet and nutrition. Aime enrolled in PFP’s “Foundations 4 Life” program, where she was able to learn about how to establish balanced, daily meals. “It was really eye-opening for me,” Aime says. “It just helped me to understand the emotional aspects of why we eat what we eat. It helped me to focus on those simple things that I could set goals against and learn to conquer. You conquer little things at a time and then move on. I wasn’t overwhelmed by all of these massive goals. It’s manageable, and I can see results.”

When it comes to results, Aime has, of course, achieved what many set out to when joining a new gym—gaining strength and losing inches. But, for Aime, the numbers on the scale are not the most important feature of her success. For her, it’s more about her overall outlook and feeling of wellbeing. “I have a history of migraines,” Aime says. “And consistently working out has helped taper those. But overall, I just feel better. I have so much more energy. My outlook and my energy just make me feel better about myself.”

Aime credits the PFP trainers, for helping her to succeed. “They’ve all been amazing. They’re all helpful and supportive.” She’s been particularly inspired by her trainer, Anna, who has helped her with both working out and with her nutritional goals. “I’ve learned (from the trainers) that if you’re having a rough day, it’s ok because tomorrow’s a new day to keep trying.”

Aime continues to try, each day, on her journey with PFP. She plans to lead a PFP group hike later this year, and her goal is to continue to build on the consistency she’s become accustomed to with her workouts and daily diet, as well as maintaining her aim to make herself and her needs a priority. She feels like she’s in the right place. “I still have some things I want to do and accomplish, but PFP has helped to get me to where I am today.”


Favorite exercise: Slam balls

Least favorite exercise: None!

Career: Senior Sales Manager for IsoNova pet food ingredient company for 10 years

Go to healthy meal: Grilled chicken, roasted vegetables and a simple salad

Go to breakfast: A smoothie and eggs or eggs with blueberries or toast

Pets: Two labs, Hope and Willow and two horses, Prince and Charisma

Hobbies: Horseback riding, hiking, canoeing…anything outdoors!

Favorite workout music? The Lumineers

Looking forward to…Going horseback riding and camping in South Dakota with husband, Jeremy, and some friends