Emily Thiel

Emily Thiel

Member of the Month – July 2015

I’m surprised and honored to be named Member of the Month! From the first workout, I knew Pursuit Fitness was the gym for me. It was challenging, but I felt really great about myself for being able to do it all, despite not having worked out with any regularity for quite some time. Since joining, I’ve consistently challenged myself and continuously moved forward.

I love everything about PFP. The variety of the group training workouts is great; phases are long enough that I can see progress in myself, but short enough that they don’t get boring. Every exercise is doable and there’s always a way to make it more challenging. Workouts fit into my life, rather than my life revolving around working out. Coaching is phenomenal. There’s a much greater attention to movement than I’ve seen in any other group training setting. I love the habit based coaching approach. It’s allowed me to have a lot of success without being a boring, neurotic, anti-social girl on a diet, which I’m sure my husband appreciates. The other members are so friendly and encouraging.

In the short term, my goals are to earn my black band and continue to lose fat; I have some small dresses in the back of my closet I’m determined to fit into later this year. My biggest goal is to continue to be motivated. I hope years from now, I look forward to workouts like I do now and continue to be excited about opportunities to do more, like Strength Academy. I believe PFP is the gym that will guide me to long term success. Thanks Joe, Adam, Sarah, and Ryan!”