Ellen Adams (February 2015)

Ellen is dedicated to her health, and is passionate about working out.  Strength training and learning good form gets her really excited!  Ellen is always one of the first people to arrive to class and rarely misses a workout.  She embodies what we teach at Pursuit and is always asking good questions, and works hard to accomplish her goals. Ellen also achieved Black Band status this month as well.

Ellen thanks for being an ambassador of the gym, a friend to new people, and setting such a great example of health to those around you, here is Ellen’s story in her own words:

I started attending Pursuit Fitness and Performance January 2014 to lose weight and gain strength.  Being a busy mom of a brand new baby and a toddler, I had every excuse to not take time for myself.  Ryan gave me every reason why I should take time for myself and join Pursuit.  I decided to do a short term membership for a contest Pursuit was offering.  During those six weeks I quickly realized my new dedication to myself would extend well beyond.  Here I am over a year later and look forward to my workouts.  Pursuit trainers take training, coaching and inspiring to a level that I have not experienced at any of my previous gyms and the members are the best!  I have increased strength, lost inches and gained confidence.  I have Pursuit to thank for that and feel honored to be the February Member of the Month.