David Goldfarb, CPA (January 2016)

David Goldfarb joined Pursuit Fitness and Performance as part of a Transformation Contest in early October 2013. He wasn’t overweight, and the contest only ran for six weeks, so he figured it would be a fairly easy feat. He only had to go to the gym 18 times, after all. It seemed reasonable.

Six weeks went by, and David lost 17 pounds and 4.5 percent of his body fat, in only 18 sessions at PFP.

“I’m very results driven,” David says. So, he kept coming back. Now, two years later, PFP is a part of his life. “When I first started I would count down…1 down, 17 to go…but now it’s routine and I look forward to going.”

David is a CPA who owns a full service accounting firm located in Westport Plaza, right across the street from PFP. But it’s not just the location that makes him love it there. It’s also the atmosphere.

“Love is not something I ever thought I’d say about a gym. I don’t mind exercise, but I never did say that I love it. But I enjoy working out (at PFP). Especially the people. There are really great people there. The trainers and staff are great. They get results without breaking people down.”

David finds the PFP atmosphere to be both encouraging and motivating. During his busy season, he struggles to find the time to fit workouts in. But his trainers and friends at PFP keep him coming back. “Once you have the knowledge, you can do a lot of it on your own, but the (trainers) are the motivation factor and the accountability. I’d never get through busy season without that,” David says.

His trainers are not only helping him to stick to his workouts, but to also make important changes outside of the gym. David’s biggest challenge has always been nutrition. “I do have a big sweet tooth,” David says. “I’m a chocoholic.”

So, how does he manage his affinity for sugar with his fitness goals?

“I don’t deprive myself,” David says. “Sometimes you have to eat out, but you just don’t make it a lifestyle. I don’t diet, that’s key. People diet to lose weight and you can’t sustain that, it’s a short term thing.”

David’s goal is to increase his stamina so that he is able to run an entire 5k without walking. In the meantime, while he works towards this aspiration, David is having fun. He enjoys the social, community aspect of PFP.

“I’m getting to know people,” David says. “And they are very encouraging, everyone is nice. It’s not one of those muscle head type of gyms at all.”

David enjoys participating in PFP’s community outreach programs and get to togethers outside of the gym. But make no mistake, despite new found friendships, David is a hard worker, and when he shows up at PFP, he means business.

“I never could workout with friends without this structure—-we’d always wind up chatting the entire time. But here it’s a social atmosphere, yet they keep you on track. It’s social and physical.”

As David prepares to head into another busy season as a CPA, he doesn’t need to stress about staying in shape. He knows that the community of trainers and friends he has found at PFP will always be there to keep him on track.


Favorite Exercise:

The most effective ones! (Of course.) David usually likes upper body exercises the most.

Least Favorite Exercise:

David does not like squats and thinks push ups can be a killer.

David’s morning routine:

David wakes up at 7am, feeds his cat, Lexy, gets cleaned up, eats an Isagenix bar and goes to work. His gym visits are usually in the evening.

Fun Fact:

David may seem shy and soft-spoken, but he actually really enjoys public speaking!

Favorite healthy recipe:

Russian Chicken

Hobbies and Work:

David is a CPA who owns his own business. He loves to travel, and takes his 87 year old dad on a trip every year. Last year they went to Iceland! He plays the piano and loves all kinds of music, especially Bach.

Favorite Workout Music:

David loves the eighties jams! Def Leppard and AC/DC are a few favorites.