Cyndi Brasken (May 2016)

Cyndi Brasken wakes up every morning at 5:30 am, takes a shower, then does a set of  push ups and squats. Push ups are her least favorite exercise, a challenge she’s continued to struggle with, so why does she make them a part of her morning routine every day? Because Cyndi has goals she’s determined to achieve.

As an Assistant Director of Sales in the hotel hospitality field, Cyndi is a part of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce. Last year, she met Lori Coachman of Pursuit Fitness and Performance at a women’s networking lunch. Cyndi had always listened to a coworker, who belonged to PFP, rave about her experience. Meeting Lori was just the spark Cyndi needed to finally give the gym a try.

Last August, Cyndi officially joined and she has been “addicted ever since.” Cyndi wears a purple band to her workouts, but her goal is to make it to black band status (the highest fitness designation in the program) this year. Hence, the push ups.  She knows how to work hard for her goals.

The trainers and clients at PFP have helped to push her forward as well. “Anna and Katie have been phenomenal,” Cyndi says. “They are always an inspiration and they push me to do better and work harder.” Adam is Cyndi’s success coach, and she finds it helpful to check in with him when making lifestyle choices. The entire PFP community has been an asset to her as well. “(The other clients) make sure I stay on track,” Cyndi says. “We help each other.”

Cyndi does group training 2-3 times a week, but she has learned that reaching lofty goals often means making more than one lifestyle change. As a self proclaimed “Diet Coke addict,” Cyndi has really had to focus on meeting her nutritional goals. “I stopped drinking soda in October,” Cyndi says. And she hasn’t looked back. She used to skip breakfast, eat a heavy lunch and then something fast and microwaveable for dinner, however, through the principles she’s learned at PFP, Cyndi has been able to change up her ho hum routine. Now she swears by Isogenix shakes for breakfast and lunch, and dinner is a 400-600 calorie meal that always includes a fresh salad.

Her commitment has paid off. “I was a size 16-18,” Cyndi says. “And now I’m a size 8-10. I’ve lost 52 pounds and built muscle.” Cyndi’s goal is to lose 8 more pounds, and she’s well on her way to meeting it. She’s dedicated to her workouts, but she also enjoys them! “I never get bored at PFP. The workouts change every four weeks and there is always someone there to be sure you get the most out of the workouts as opposed to not knowing what you’re doing (at a typical gym).”

When Cyndi’s mother was 42 years old, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Cyndi is determined to stick to her new, healthy lifestyle in order to avoid similar health problems as she begins her own fourth decade of life. Through a combination of working out, nutritional balance, and the coaching she’s received at PFP, Cyndi is confident she has a healthy future ahead of her. “PFP helps me to look like the 41 year old woman I want to look like. It’s become a lifestyle for me.”


Favorite Exercise:

The sled

Least Favorite Exercise:

Push ups

Favorite Healthy Recipe:

Stuffed zucchini

Favorite Workout Song:

Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield (80s music is her fav!)


Husband, Todd and 17 year old daughter, Lynsi


Her friends and family are her life

Fun Fact:

Cyndi is a die hard San Francisco 49ers fan!