Congrats to Katie R. for Winning “Best Transformation”!

We asked for help in selecting the winner of “Best Transformation”, and after compiling the results from our survey, we are excited to congratulate Katie R. as the winner! We will be rewarding her with $100 cash for her awesome transformation and all of her hard work. During the 6 week competition she was able to lose 15.2 lbs and 6.9% bodyfat! Below is Katie’s story of what it was like being part of PFP’s New Year, New You Transformation Contest:

Before coming to Pursuit Fitness and Performance, I was in a workout rut. I had reached a plateau with my weight loss and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I needed a change. After hearing all about how great working out at PFP is from my friend, Tracy F., and seeing her own amazing results from the six-week transformation contest last fall, I thought I would give Pursuit Fitness & Performance a try.

I immediately noticed something special about this gym’s environment. All staff members went above and beyond to assist me with my personal fitness goals. Ryan and Adam were there each day to coach specific exercise techniques, answer questions regarding nutrition, and simply encourage me to work hard through each workout. In addition, both Bridget and Ryan were available for one-on-one sessions to carefully review my food journal and workout schedule to ensure I was armed with all of the information necessary to help me succeed.

Not only did I enjoy working with the knowledgeable, supportive staff members at Pursuit Fitness & Performance, but also, I enjoyed the workouts! I have been an athlete nearly all of my life, and the fast-paced interval sessions offered me new opportunities to challenge myself and improve my overall level of fitness. Also, because of the variety of exercises, working out at PFP was exciting and fun! I loved learning new exercises, increasing my strength, and shedding both pounds and my body’s percentage of fat.

In short, my experience at Pursuit Fitness & Performance was superb. In the beginning, I was just hoping to break through my plateau. What I found at PFP was a team of people who helped me do just that!

KatieR B&A

Congratulations to Katie, and everyone else who participated in the New Year, New You Transformation Contest. The results were really unbelievable and we are so proud of all of your hard work and dedication!