Coach Andrew’s Circuit Workout

Coach Andrew's Circuit Workout

So, you want to workout but can’t make it into the gym? Not a problem!

While we would love to have you in Pursuit each week helping you reach your goals, we understand other things can get in the way.

Don’t let that hold you back from reaching your goals though – use this circuit at home, on the road, or in the middle of your office, wherever!

The Exercises

Squats: 8 -10 reps – Only go as low as you can comfortably; if you have dumbbells or a band at home, feel free to use them!

Pushups: 8- 10 reps – Elevate your hands as high as needed to keep your back flat (start with a wall, then a table/couch/bench, working towards the floor)

Glute Bridges: 8-10 reps – Keep your heels pressed into the floor, raise your hips as high as you can and squeeze the glutes at the top; try one leg at a time if you need more of a challenge

Mountain Climbers: 8-10 reps each leg – Keep the back flat and hips steady the entire time; start of slow and pick up the pace over time


How to Do the Circuit

  • You’ll perform each exercise one after the other for the predetermined number of reps.
  • After you get through all of the exercises, take a short break (45-60 seconds or until you get your breathing under control) and repeat it all for 2-5 total rounds.
    • If you’re new to this type of workout, stick to 2 rounds the first time and gradually increase from there.
    • More advanced? Feel free to go for gold and complete 5 rounds.
    • Want even more of a challenge? Start a clock (your phone stopwatch works great) and see how fast you can complete it all – sticking with good technique of course! Try to beat your time week to week.
  • If this is all you are doing – perform the circuit 2-3 times a week with at least a day of rest in-between

Working out doesn’t have to require a luxurious gym or expensive equipment. 



Coach Andrew

Trainer, Pursuit Fitness and Performance