Casey Herter (November 2015)

Casey Herter is married to her best friend, Eric, and is a busy, working mom of three. One day her ten year old has volleyball and her eight year old has soccer. The next day, one has Lego Robotics and the other has piano. She volunteers as a Girl Scout leader and in her church community with her husband. And, on top of all of that, she works a full-time job at Summit Distributing. With such a hectic schedule, Casey found little time to fit in exercise.

Last June, though, a few of the teachers at her girls’ school joined Pursuit Fitness and Performance as part of the “Teacher Appreciation Summer Shape Up” program. Casey heard nothing but rave reviews of PFP from all that participated. When she spotted a one month training trial at her kids’ school’s silent auction, she snapped it up and began working out at PFP in April.

Of her experience Casey says, “I’m really happy to be focusing on my health and learning so much that I can apply to my life through PFP.” She’s found a place that is about more than simply exercise alone. Casey has enjoyed taking advantage of all of the resources PFP has to offer in regards to developing and living a healthier lifestyle. “Everyone is very encouraging,” Casey says. “The personalization from the emails and the texts is great. And I really like the (transformation) contest because (PFP owner) Ryan sends different articles about all aspects of health—sleep, nutrition, etc.”

Casey has been focusing on drinking more water and eating more vegetables and protein, but the biggest challenge for her is to stop eating when she is 80% full. Portion sizes are something she is working on—and her efforts have paid off.

Since her start with PFP, Casey is down 30 pounds and is gaining muscle mass. Casey says that “energy wise (the gym) has made a huge difference. I was tired all of the time. When I first started there, I felt weak. Now the exercises are still hard but I’m able to push myself. My attitude, my energy level, my self-confidence is all picking up. I feel better all around.”

Casey belonged to “traditional gyms” in the past, but found there to be a lack of instruction and support when using the equipment. At PFP she finds a more personal touch. “The people are great,” she says. “Everyone is there because they want to feel good and be healthy. No one is competing. The other day we had a really difficult (for me) finisher. I was using a heavier than usual kettle bell and a few of the people there were cheering me on and telling me that I could do it. It’s a community and a family.”

Casey sees her work at PFP as a step by step journey. She started with simply working out. Now she is working out, paying attention to food labels, looking for lean meat and veggies and slowly adding lifestyle changes into her routine. “I’m excited about continuing on and just being better everyday.”

As part of this journey, Casey has been really focusing on her life goals and has adopted a bucket list of sorts. A friend of hers asked if she’d like to go skydiving. Before starting at PFP, Casey was 10 pounds over the weight limit for this activity. But through her commitment to her new lifestyle, she lost the weight a month earlier than she had planned.

At the end of the summer, Casey got to fulfill one of her dreams.

She went skydiving!


Favorite exercise?

Ball slams

Least favorite exercise?

Anything with kettle bells

Favorite workout song?

Casey likes to workout to classic rock, but also enjoys some rap in the morning to keep the pace going.

Casey’s morning routine:

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Casey gets up at 5:20, brushes her teeth, washes her face and heads to PFP for her 6 am workout. When she gets home she wakes her girls up, showers, gets the kids ready for school and heads to work by 9 am. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she does not workout, but she does have to be at her job by 7:30 am.

Favorite healthy food?

Casey loves making egg beaters with lots of different veggies and a little mozzarella on top.

Hobbies and Work:

Works for a beer distributor, Summit Distributing, in Earth City. She volunteers as a Girl Scout leader and at her church and enjoys trying new things and meeting new people.


“I try to remember that I’m gaining muscle, and I’m mindful that the scale doesn’t always tell the real story. I’m noticing that my inches are coming down and the weight is coming off gradually.”

“When I can go the next week and increase my weight from the week before I see and feel the difference and I think yes, I’m really doing something.”