Caleb Geuns (April 2015)

Caleb works very hard every time he steps foot into the gym, he has set goals over the last couple of months to be in top shape for the arrival of baby girl Geuns and has made great strides toward accomplishing his goals. Caleb is very friendly and is always so helpful with new people. He is the person to watch for motivation and is a great example of health here at PFP. We are so excited for what this month has in store for you and are proud you call PFP your fitness home. Here is what Caleb had to say about his time at Pursuit Fitness:

 “I came to pursuit fitness after coming to the realization that lifting for an hour every morning had me feeling less healthy, not flexible, and I was getting zero cardio. I had been battling back issues and had sought out a local chiropractor. Needless to say, one Dr Glickert referred me to Ryan, where Kelsi and I really enjoyed his approach to health.

Since joining, my focus has changed many times. At first I was driven to get that black band, then to gain mass by increasing weight, then push myself to get in good cycling shape through giving my all on lower body exercises(I hate lunges), then increase cardio. It was recently that I had been eating healthy things, but just too much of them. I had let myself indulge too much and got doughy.

I rededicated myself to leaning out in the middle of January and focused on winning the day, everyday. If I gave my full effort for just those 17 hours I was awake to stick to the plan the results would come. Fast forward 8 weeks and I am down 18 lbs and I am lighter than I have been since before meeting my wife.  Long story short, my experience has been all about goal setting and attaining….and I am far from done reaching those milestones.

I enjoy the accountability and family atmosphere. I have met a ton of people through work here in St Louis, but not many are considered friends. My Pursuit fitfam are people I genuinely look forward to seeing every class and many of you I know I could count on as friends.

One of my proudest achievements here at PFP is I can touch my toes! It sounds silly but I was 8 inches from making that happen at one point after joining in August of 2013. I think I have also been really proud of being able to step up over the last couple of months to help some of the newer members learn the workouts and feel comfortable, when asked.

My goal for the future are; Long term – I want to keep pushing to lean out and be the cool, active dad for my daughter and wife! Short term – I have committed to competing in my first competitive enduro mountain bike race on Labor Day. So this summer is all about hard core training here at PFP and on the trails to win!