Brooke Michel (June 2016)

On Thanksgiving Day 2014, Brooke Michel had her third baby and felt that her family was finally complete. She and her husband, Brian, weren’t planning on having any more kids and so the time seemed right to try to lose “the baby weight” once and for all. Brooke had a friend who attended Pursuit Fitness and Performance. She learned about PFP’s New Years Transformation contest through her friend and decided to give it a try.

A year and a half later, Brooke’s baby weight is gone! Since joining PFP, Brooke has lost 55 pounds and is down 3 pants sizes. But even more importantly, she’s found muscle definition and she feels toned and stronger overall.

Brooke was a high school athlete who swam, played basketball and ran cross country. In high school, she felt like she could eat whatever she wanted to and still stay fit. She didn’t carry any of those sports into college, however, and she found herself losing her active lifestyle and gaining weight. Today, as a busy mother of a 5, 3 and 18 month old, Brooke has realized that it takes more than simply staying active to be fit and strong.

“The biggest challenge has been the lifestyle change,” Brooke says. “The trainers (at PFP) have taught me a lot about nutrition. Before PFP I don’t think I had a very solid idea of what I should be eating. Now I count calories less but I eat the right things and have really increased my vegetable intake.” Brooke’s meals now consist mainly of lean meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts. She tries to stick to this meal plan for all but two “cheat” meals a week. “This time of year it’s a constant struggle,” Brooke says. “There’s all of these celebrations and a bunch of junk food in your face. I do think I’ve gotten better about not indulging but it’s probably my biggest struggle.”

Going to PFP for workouts three times a week helps to keep her on track. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she meets with the same 5:45 am group for training. “Everyone is really positive and friendly. I look forward to seeing them and they encourage me,” Brooke says. The class size at PFP really appeals to Brooke. She’s belonged to other, more traditional gyms, before and has found that the anonymity there encouraged her to skip workouts. “There’s a lot more accountability (at PFP),” Brooke says. “It’s small so they know when you’re not there and the trainers are always reaching out to us to be sure we are doing OK.” She finds that the cost of PFP is also a motivating factor. “If I’m going to invest in something I will actually show up.”

As a school counselor at Pattonville High School, Brooke is looking forward to moving into the summer season—fit and long past that baby weight. Sticking to her workouts and her nutritional plans, she has the energy to keep up with all of her little ones as well. “I feel like I have more energy,” Brooke says. “I’m not as tired at night. I just feel better about myself, more confident overall.”


FAVORITE EXERCISE? Anything with wall balls.

LEAST FAVORITE EXERCISE? Anything with planks.

FAVORITE HEALTHY RECIPE? Zucchini noodles made with her Vegetti Spiralizer with spicy, Italian chicken sausage from Trader Joes topped by no sugar added marinara sauce.

MORNING ROUTINE? Brooke is up by 5:10 am every morning. After her 5:45 workout at PFP she eats either 3 eggs with turkey sausage and veggies or eggs made in a muffin tin. She drinks lots of water and brings a piece of fruit to eat at work.

HOBBIES? Spending time with kids and family, baking (carrot cake and old fashioned sugar cookies are her specialty) and going to see movies when she can.

FAVORITE WORKOUT SONG? My favorite in the past has always been Girl Talk. At PFP I like any type of hip hop.

SUMMER VACATION PLANS? Brooke and her family are heading to Destin, Florida for a week!