Member of the Month

June 2016 – Brooke Michel

On Thanksgiving Day 2014, Brooke Michel had her third baby and felt that her family was finally complete. She and her husband, Brian, weren’t planning on having any more kids and so the time seemed right to try to lose “the baby weight” once and for all. Brooke had a friend who attended Pursuit Fitness and Performance. She learned about PFP’s New Years Transformation contest through her friend and decided to give it a try.

A year and a half later, Brooke’s baby weight is gone! Since joining PFP, Brooke has lost 55 pounds and is down 3 pants sizes. But even more importantly, she’s found muscle definition and she feels toned and stronger overall.

Brooke was a high school athlete who swam, played basketball and ran cross country. In high school, she felt like she could eat whatever she wanted to and still stay fit. She didn’t carry any of those sports into college, however, and she found herself losing her active lifestyle and gaining weight. Today, as a busy mother of a 5, 3 and 18 month old, Brooke has realized that it takes more than simply staying active to be fit and strong.

“The biggest challenge has been the lifestyle change,” Brooke says. “The trainers (at PFP) have taught me a lot about nutrition. Before PFP I don’t think I had a very solid idea of what I should be eating. Now I count calories less but I eat the right things and have really increased my vegetable intake.” Brooke’s meals now consist mainly of lean meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts. She tries to stick to this meal plan for all but two “cheat” meals a week. “This time of year it’s a constant struggle,” Brooke says. “There’s all of these celebrations and a bunch of junk food in your face. I do think I’ve gotten better about not indulging but it’s probably my biggest struggle.”

Going to PFP for workouts three times a week helps to keep her on track. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she meets with the same 5:45 am group for training. “Everyone is really positive and friendly. I look forward to seeing them and they encourage me,” Brooke says. The class size at PFP really appeals to Brooke. She’s belonged to other, more traditional gyms, before and has found that the anonymity there encouraged her to skip workouts. “There’s a lot more accountability (at PFP),” Brooke says. “It’s small so they know when you’re not there and the trainers are always reaching out to us to be sure we are doing OK.” She finds that the cost of PFP is also a motivating factor. “If I’m going to invest in something I will actually show up.”

As a school counselor at Pattonville High School, Brooke is looking forward to moving into the summer season—fit and long past that baby weight. Sticking to her workouts and her nutritional plans, she has the energy to keep up with all of her little ones as well. “I feel like I have more energy,” Brooke says. “I’m not as tired at night. I just feel better about myself, more confident overall.”


FAVORITE EXERCISE? Anything with wall balls.

LEAST FAVORITE EXERCISE? Anything with planks.

FAVORITE HEALTHY RECIPE? Zucchini noodles made with her Vegetti Spiralizer with spicy, Italian chicken sausage from Trader Joes topped by no sugar added marinara sauce.

MORNING ROUTINE? Brooke is up by 5:10 am every morning. After her 5:45 workout at PFP she eats either 3 eggs with turkey sausage and veggies or eggs made in a muffin tin. She drinks lots of water and brings a piece of fruit to eat at work.

HOBBIES? Spending time with kids and family, baking (carrot cake and old fashioned sugar cookies are her specialty) and going to see movies when she can.

FAVORITE WORKOUT SONG? My favorite in the past has always been Girl Talk. At PFP I like any type of hip hop.

SUMMER VACATION PLANS? Brooke and her family are heading to Destin, Florida for a week!

May 2016 – Cyndi Brasken

Cyndi Brasken wakes up every morning at 5:30 am, takes a shower, then does a set of  push ups and squats. Push ups are her least favorite exercise, a challenge she’s continued to struggle with, so why does she make them a part of her morning routine every day? Because Cyndi has goals she’s determined to achieve.

As an Assistant Director of Sales in the hotel hospitality field, Cyndi is a part of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce. Last year, she met Lori Coachman of Pursuit Fitness and Performance at a women’s networking lunch. Cyndi had always listened to a coworker, who belonged to PFP, rave about her experience. Meeting Lori was just the spark Cyndi needed to finally give the gym a try.

Last August, Cyndi officially joined and she has been “addicted ever since.” Cyndi wears a purple band to her workouts, but her goal is to make it to black band status (the highest fitness designation in the program) this year. Hence, the push ups.  She knows how to work hard for her goals.

The trainers and clients at PFP have helped to push her forward as well. “Anna and Katie have been phenomenal,” Cyndi says. “They are always an inspiration and they push me to do better and work harder.” Adam is Cyndi’s success coach, and she finds it helpful to check in with him when making lifestyle choices. The entire PFP community has been an asset to her as well. “(The other clients) make sure I stay on track,” Cyndi says. “We help each other.”

Cyndi does group training 2-3 times a week, but she has learned that reaching lofty goals often means making more than one lifestyle change. As a self proclaimed “Diet Coke addict,” Cyndi has really had to focus on meeting her nutritional goals. “I stopped drinking soda in October,” Cyndi says. And she hasn’t looked back. She used to skip breakfast, eat a heavy lunch and then something fast and microwaveable for dinner, however, through the principles she’s learned at PFP, Cyndi has been able to change up her ho hum routine. Now she swears by Isogenix shakes for breakfast and lunch, and dinner is a 400-600 calorie meal that always includes a fresh salad.

Her commitment has paid off. “I was a size 16-18,” Cyndi says. “And now I’m a size 8-10. I’ve lost 52 pounds and built muscle.” Cyndi’s goal is to lose 8 more pounds, and she’s well on her way to meeting it. She’s dedicated to her workouts, but she also enjoys them! “I never get bored at PFP. The workouts change every four weeks and there is always someone there to be sure you get the most out of the workouts as opposed to not knowing what you’re doing (at a typical gym).”

When Cyndi’s mother was 42 years old, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Cyndi is determined to stick to her new, healthy lifestyle in order to avoid similar health problems as she begins her own fourth decade of life. Through a combination of working out, nutritional balance, and the coaching she’s received at PFP, Cyndi is confident she has a healthy future ahead of her. “PFP helps me to look like the 41 year old woman I want to look like. It’s become a lifestyle for me.”


Favorite Exercise:

The sled

Least Favorite Exercise:

Push ups

Favorite Healthy Recipe:

Stuffed zucchini

Favorite Workout Song:

Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield (80s music is her fav!)


Husband, Todd and 17 year old daughter, Lynsi


Her friends and family are her life

Fun Fact:

Cyndi is a die hard San Francisco 49ers fan!

April 2016 – Shanna Taylor

Shanna Taylor used to be a fast food junkie. As a busy property manager, her eating habits fell to the wayside. “Every day at lunch a coworker would go to Lee’s Chicken, Taco Bell or Burger King…and I’d just ask them to grab me something,” Shanna says. Her job, managing over 300 rental properties around the St. Louis area, requires her to sit at a desk taking phone calls all day. Shanna belonged to Club Fitness as a means to work off her fast food habit and sedentary lifestyle, but she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted to. “It wasn’t productive at all,” Shanna says of her previous gym experience. “I’d just stand around and talk with my sister-in-law and nieces, it was so easy to get sidetracked and not accomplish what I came to do.”

Then, one evening while browsing on Facebook, Shanna discovered Pursuit Fitness and Performance. An ad popped up on her sidebar for a Spring competition and Shanna decided to join. “I had a lot of anxiety about joining the gym to begin with,” Shanna says. But she talked a coworker into going with her and she took the plunge.

Shanna immediately fell in love with group training at PFP and signed up to become a member. She’s completed every competition since! “The more I went the stronger I felt and with every new phase of workouts I challenged myself to lift more weights and do more reps. I enjoyed just constantly challenging myself to be better.”

The culture at PFP helped to shape Shanna’s eating habits as well. She left her fast food cravings behind and developed a new, healthier lifestyle, incorporating lean proteins and vegetables into her diet and cutting down on her sugar intake. “I felt so much better after changing my eating habits,” Shanna says. “I ate a cheeseburger the other day and it made me feel so sick. My body was like whoa what is this nonsense?!” Shanna even kicked her soda habit. “I drink a ton of water now,” she says. “I have not had soda since December. I don’t even buy soda for the house anymore.”

The changes Shanna made to her lifestyle and her commitment to her workouts at PFP have really paid off. She’s lost a pants size since December, celebrating by buying a pair of capris in a size she hasn’t worn in 5 years. “I can really tell a difference in the way I feel, in general,” Shanna says.

The trainers and clients at PFP have helped Shanna in her journey. “The trainers always answer any question you have—I have all of their cell phone numbers,” Shanna says. “I can text or email, they’re all just a click away if I have any questions.” In the gym, her trainers push her to be stronger and challenge her to improve, asking her to go up in weights and inspiring her to get better each week. “Everyone is really friendly, it’s not your typical gym scene. (Another client) and I have really struggled with push ups, but we keep pushing each other through and we’ve both finally made some progress.”

Now, Shanna is focusing on her goal to test out of her bands by the end of the month. Through her workouts and commitment to better nutrition, she’d like to be down 10-15 pounds by mid summer. In the meantime, she’s feeling great and enjoying the results she’s seen from PFP.

“Now I have a lot more energy and I can actually get things done after work,” Shanna says. “I just feel better all around.”


Favorite Exercise:


Least Favorite Exercise:

Push ups

Favorite Healthy Recipe:

White albacore tuna and avocado mashed together. It’s very easy to make and so delicious!

Favorite workout music:

Hip hop or dance


Husband, 14 year old stepson and a little yorkie dog named Jasmine


We live on a lake and my husband is a die hard fisherman. In the summer, we do a lot of outdoor activity—pool parties, fishing, hanging at the lake. We’re very active outdoors.

What are you excited about this Spring?

Warmer weather! Finally!


March 2016 – Michelle Herring

Michelle Herring likes push ups. They’re her favorite exercise, actually, along with pull ups. A lot of women struggle with these upper body exercises, but Michelle excels in the challenge presented by them. “When I started working out I could not do one push up without hurting my back. Now I can do 39 push ups in 2 minutes and 6 pull ups,” Michelle says.

Michelle has not always put such focus into her physical strength and endurance. She and her husband, Barry, used to be yo yo dieters and exercisers. They’d work out for a while, but then when life took over they’d “let themselves get a little soft again.” Fortunately, for Michelle and Barry, both happened to be at the Northwest Chamber of Commerce when Ryan announced a “Chamber Challenge” for Pursuit Fitness and Performance. “I was sitting at the table (at the Chamber of Commerce) when Ryan announced the chamber challenge,” Michelle says. “I was about to lean over and tell Barry that I was going to do this challenge with or without him enrolling with me, when suddenly Barry leans over and and says, I’m gonna do this!  And I said, Well, I am too!”

Michelle and Barry completed The Chamber Challenge and afterward, decided to become official members of PFP. They joined group training, three times a week. “I’ve gone to other gyms,” Michelle says. “And I always feel like just a body. It’s a lot more personal at PFP. It feels more like a family.” Michelle enjoys the various levels trainers present for each exercise. “Anyone can go there. You just work at whatever level works best for you and keep track of what you’re doing.” That’s where the push ups come in. Michelle, an avid volleyball player, has always had a strong upper body, but the trainers at PFP were able to guide her to that next level—where she’s able to enjoy challenging exercises and push herself further. “(The trainers) see me not working hard enough and they hand me a heavier weight,” Michelle says. The other clients push her as well. “I see what they’re doing and I think, hey, I can do that too!” she says.

Michelle’s biggest challenge? Carving the time out of her busy schedule to make it to her workouts. She and Barry own their own IT company, CMIT Solutions of St. Charles/Chesterfield, that provides networking and computer support for other businesses. Often the days are long and hectic. “Just fitting it in (on top of work) is the biggest challenge for me,” Michelle says. Michelle lives an almost 30 minute drive from the gym. But making the trip is always worth the effort. “The slam balls are great for getting a lot of aggression, frustration and stress out,” Michelle says. “It’s actually great to workout in the evenings after a stressful day.”

Barry and Michelle help to motivate each other, as well. When one doesn’t feel like working out the other encourages him or her to make the trip and fit the gym into their schedule.

It’s been well worth their effort. Michelle feels stronger, healthier and more energetic than ever.

And she and Barry both have the black bands to prove it!


Favorite Exercise:

Push ups and pull ups

Least Favorite Exercise:

Split squats

Favorite Healthy Recipe:

Taco stuffed peppers from the PFP cookbook

Favorite Workout Music:

‘80s hairband music


Owner of CMIT Solutions of St. Charles/Chesterfield (IT business)


Michelle plays volleyball and enjoys hiking at Hawn and Castlewood Parks as well as the Lewis and Clark Trail. She’s considering getting into motorcycles as well, and is taking a motorcycle safety class this Spring.


Four cats, all named after various sweet foods—Oreo, Candi, Donut and Marshmallow  

Currently Reading:

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Goal for 2016:

To run a 5k. Michelle ran track in high school and would like to get back into running. Her goal is to run on a treadmill three times a week until she’s built the stamina for a 5k.


February 2016 – Kathleen Mack

Kathleen Mack decided to get back into fitness about three or four years ago. She had an active childhood and played sports in high school, but once in college, exercise was not a priority for her. “My fitness life kind of died off,” Kathleen says. “I’ve always been in and out of the gym, but nothing ever really stuck.”

Fast forward into adulthood and the real world—a failed relationship inspired Kathleen to make a change and to take care of herself. She started going to Club Fitness. She would run, lift weights or use workout videos, all on her own. “I was kind of winging it and winging it does not make you successful in the fitness world,” Kathleen says. “I didn’t know what other goals I had besides being skinny.”

Kathleen discovered Pursuit Fitness and Performance from a friend’s Facebook post. She saw that her friend had been very successful with her own fitness goals, and felt inspired to give PFP a try. A year and a half later, Kathleen has greater goals than simply settling for skinny. “My goal now is to actually be fit. I want to be trim and strong.”

Kathleen has certainly stayed very focused on her new ambitions. She has only missed one PFP class in the last year and a half and she tries to workout five days a week total, including her three group training sessions at the gym. The PFP trainers, particularly Adam, help Kathleen to stay on track. “I get emails from Adam checking in and making sure I’m sticking to my goals and not letting my guard down.” When life takes over and Kathleen feels she’s losing her focus, PFP keeps her going. “Adam always asks me how I’m doing and is an all around great person. He told me that if I ever go to dinner and am confused about what to order I can text him a menu and he would tell me how to make the best choice!”

Working out comes naturally to Kathleen. Though she is diligent about never missing her group training sessions, she also knows that the biggest differences she’s seen in her health have come from PFP’s approach to overall wellness. “The workouts are great,” Kathleen says. “But it’s also the coaching and the food. It’s not just one thing…it’s drinking lots of water…and taking fish oil…and learning about nutrition and sleep. I’ve changed a lot of things in the last year that I’ve learned from going to PFP.”

The group Kathleen works out with at PFP continues to encourage her and play an integral role in her active lifestyle. “We push each other,” she says. “You can’t not do the exercises you don’t want to do when everyone else around you is doing them. (PFP) holds me accountable to do (the exercises) that are important for making those unique muscle groups stronger.”

Since joining PFP, Kathleen has lost about 25 pounds, a great accomplishment, of course, but more than that Kathleen is proud of who she has become through the lifestyle changes she’s made. Kathleen is now more than just skinny. She is fit, trim and strong.


Favorite Exercise:

Kathleen’s favorites are the ones she loves to hate! She loves when her workout pushes her harder than she would go on her own. When the exercise hurts she knows that it is good for her!

Least Favorite Exercise:

Chin ups and Push ups

Favorite Healthy Recipe:

Paleo chili found on Pinterest

Favorite Workout Music:

Any type of dance/pop music


Graphic Designer


January 2016 – Dave Goldfarb, CPA


David Goldfarb joined Pursuit Fitness and Performance as part of a Transformation Contest in early October 2013. He wasn’t overweight, and the contest only ran for six weeks, so he figured it would be a fairly easy feat. He only had to go to the gym 18 times, after all. It seemed reasonable.

Six weeks went by, and David lost 17 pounds and 4.5 percent of his body fat, in only 18 sessions at PFP.

“I’m very results driven,” David says. So, he kept coming back. Now, two years later, PFP is a part of his life. “When I first started I would count down…1 down, 17 to go…but now it’s routine and I look forward to going.”

David is a CPA who owns a full service accounting firm located in Westport Plaza, right across the street from PFP. But it’s not just the location that makes him love it there. It’s also the atmosphere.

“Love is not something I ever thought I’d say about a gym. I don’t mind exercise, but I never did say that I love it. But I enjoy working out (at PFP). Especially the people. There are really great people there. The trainers and staff are great. They get results without breaking people down.”

David finds the PFP atmosphere to be both encouraging and motivating. During his busy season, he struggles to find the time to fit workouts in. But his trainers and friends at PFP keep him coming back. “Once you have the knowledge, you can do a lot of it on your own, but the (trainers) are the motivation factor and the accountability. I’d never get through busy season without that,” David says.

His trainers are not only helping him to stick to his workouts, but to also make important changes outside of the gym. David’s biggest challenge has always been nutrition. “I do have a big sweet tooth,” David says. “I’m a chocoholic.”

So, how does he manage his affinity for sugar with his fitness goals?

“I don’t deprive myself,” David says. “Sometimes you have to eat out, but you just don’t make it a lifestyle. I don’t diet, that’s key. People diet to lose weight and you can’t sustain that, it’s a short term thing.”

David’s goal is to increase his stamina so that he is able to run an entire 5k without walking. In the meantime, while he works towards this aspiration, David is having fun. He enjoys the social, community aspect of PFP.

“I’m getting to know people,” David says. “And they are very encouraging, everyone is nice. It’s not one of those muscle head type of gyms at all.”

David enjoys participating in PFP’s community outreach programs and get to togethers outside of the gym. But make no mistake, despite new found friendships, David is a hard worker, and when he shows up at PFP, he means business.

“I never could workout with friends without this structure—-we’d always wind up chatting the entire time. But here it’s a social atmosphere, yet they keep you on track. It’s social and physical.”

As David prepares to head into another busy season as a CPA, he doesn’t need to stress about staying in shape. He knows that the community of trainers and friends he has found at PFP will always be there to keep him on track.


Favorite Exercise:

The most effective ones! (Of course.) David usually likes upper body exercises the most.

Least Favorite Exercise:

David does not like squats and thinks push ups can be a killer.

David’s morning routine:

David wakes up at 7am, feeds his cat, Lexy, gets cleaned up, eats an Isagenix bar and goes to work. His gym visits are usually in the evening.

Fun Fact:

David may seem shy and soft-spoken, but he actually really enjoys public speaking!

Favorite healthy recipe:

Russian Chicken

Hobbies and Work:

David is a CPA who owns his own business. He loves to travel, and takes his 87 year old dad on a trip every year. Last year they went to Iceland! He plays the piano and loves all kinds of music, especially Bach.

Favorite Workout Music:

David loves the eighties jams! Def Leppard and AC/DC are a few favorites.

December 2015 – Rick Mertell

Rick Mertell’s journey to becoming Pursuit Fitness and Performance’s December Member of the Month is unique. In the eighties and nineties, Rick worked as a professional trainer and body builder. But in recent decades, he’d let his weight and health go. Consumed with the stress of building and juggling his own financial planning business, and helping out his family and friends, Rick didn’t make working out a priority.

That is until he stumbled upon a PFP Facebook Contest. Rick answered a question correctly and won a PFP shaker cup! After collecting his prize, Rick checked out the gym early in 2015, but found it a bit too pricey for his lifestyle. “It was just too much,” Rick says. “I had no intention to do it.” That was, until Rick found out about PFP’s Transformation Contest—in which contenders could win back their entry fee by losing 10% of their body fat. With this in mind, Rick joined the contest and was impressed by his results. Rick lost 18 pounds and 9.5% of his body fat. Not enough to win his money back—but enough to have him convinced that PFP’s methods worked.

“The only exercise we do at PFP that I used to do as a body builder is a push up!” Rick says. “PFP is a completely different world. They focus on functionality of movement.” Rick was hooked. He signed up for a year of training. Three weeks later Rick found out that he’d misread his contract and that he was actually paying each month what he thought the gym cost for a year! “I always thought if you think you can’t afford something, you can’t afford something,” Rick says. “But then I looked at myself and looked at my progress and I thought, this works. Period.” Rick stuck with it, and with his impressive results, convinced 8 of his friends to join as well, earning him a discount.

Now, a year later, his business has taken off and Rick no longer worries about the cost of PFP. He feels he is investing in his health. His work at the gym has given him the slight edge to succeed in other areas of his life, as well.

“My energy levels are through the roof!” Rick says. “I hike 10 miles on Sundays. I walk a lot more. I try to recruit people to do things with me, but no one can keep up with me anymore!” Rick is consistent with his workouts, and with the lifestyle changes he’s adopted from PFP. He’s always been great about staying hydrated, but now he finds himself snacking on vegetables and focusing on incorporating more protein into his diet.

Rick has 37 nieces and nephews and hopes to be a fitness inspiration for the entire family. In regards to his own goals, though, Rick finds motivation through his “adopted family” at PFP. “(The other clients) are very helpful,” Rick says. “I’ve helped them too, which helps me. The teacher always learns the most. I’ve missed my workouts only a handful of times but people always check and ask where I was. We reach out to each other and hold one another accountable.”

Now, twelve months later, Rick, the financial planner, is happy he took the risk of investing in his future and his health.

“(This year) has been a fun journey.”


Favorite Exercise:

Plank pikes

Least Favorite Exercise:

Anything to do with squats

Rick’s morning routine:

Rick wakes up at 5:15 for his 6:00 am workout at PFP. The first thing he does is drink 40 oz. of water to rehydrate. After the gym Rick makes three eggs mixed with vegetables. Rick works for himself so is on his own schedule for the rest of the day.

Favorite healthy food?

Vegetables and protein bars

Favorite Workout Song?

Music is just background noise to Rick, and not a motivating factor. But he doesn’t mind some old school MC Hammer now and then.

Hobbies and Work:

Rick works for Synergy Financial Partners and enjoys hiking, racquetball and volunteering at the Food Pantry on Fridays.

Fun Rick Story:

Rick took this summer’s PFP “Bingo Game” to heart. One day, he challenged himself to do push ups every time he came in from outside. The game required 5 push ups, but Rick decided to do 20. He ran A LOT of errands that day and ended up doing push ups at Office Depot, Shop ’N Save and the chiropractor’s office, to name a few. He did over 100 push ups!


November 2015 – Casey Herter

Nov. Member of the Month

MOvember 2015 Member of the Month!

Casey Herter is married to her best friend, Eric, and is a busy, working mom of three. One day her ten year old has volleyball and her eight year old has soccer. The next day, one has Lego Robotics and the other has piano. She volunteers as a Girl Scout leader and in her church community with her husband. And, on top of all of that, she works a full-time job at Summit Distributing. With such a hectic schedule, Casey found little time to fit in exercise.

Last June, though, a few of the teachers at her girls’ school joined Pursuit Fitness and Performance as part of the “Teacher Appreciation Summer Shape Up” program. Casey heard nothing but rave reviews of PFP from all that participated. When she spotted a one month training trial at her kids’ school’s silent auction, she snapped it up and began working out at PFP in April.

Of her experience Casey says, “I’m really happy to be focusing on my health and learning so much that I can apply to my life through PFP.” She’s found a place that is about more than simply exercise alone. Casey has enjoyed taking advantage of all of the resources PFP has to offer in regards to developing and living a healthier lifestyle. “Everyone is very encouraging,” Casey says. “The personalization from the emails and the texts is great. And I really like the (transformation) contest because (PFP owner) Ryan sends different articles about all aspects of health—sleep, nutrition, etc.”

Casey has been focusing on drinking more water and eating more vegetables and protein, but the biggest challenge for her is to stop eating when she is 80% full. Portion sizes are something she is working on—and her efforts have paid off.

Since her start with PFP, Casey is down 30 pounds and is gaining muscle mass. Casey says that “energy wise (the gym) has made a huge difference. I was tired all of the time. When I first started there, I felt weak. Now the exercises are still hard but I’m able to push myself. My attitude, my energy level, my self-confidence is all picking up. I feel better all around.”

Casey belonged to “traditional gyms” in the past, but found there to be a lack of instruction and support when using the equipment. At PFP she finds a more personal touch. “The people are great,” she says. “Everyone is there because they want to feel good and be healthy. No one is competing. The other day we had a really difficult (for me) finisher. I was using a heavier than usual kettle bell and a few of the people there were cheering me on and telling me that I could do it. It’s a community and a family.”

Casey sees her work at PFP as a step by step journey. She started with simply working out. Now she is working out, paying attention to food labels, looking for lean meat and veggies and slowly adding lifestyle changes into her routine. “I’m excited about continuing on and just being better everyday.”

As part of this journey, Casey has been really focusing on her life goals and has adopted a bucket list of sorts. A friend of hers asked if she’d like to go skydiving. Before starting at PFP, Casey was 10 pounds over the weight limit for this activity. But through her commitment to her new lifestyle, she lost the weight a month earlier than she had planned.

At the end of the summer, Casey got to fulfill one of her dreams.

She went skydiving!


Favorite exercise?

Ball slams

Least favorite exercise?

Anything with kettle bells

Favorite workout song?

Casey likes to workout to classic rock, but also enjoys some rap in the morning to keep the pace going.

Casey’s morning routine:

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Casey gets up at 5:20, brushes her teeth, washes her face and heads to PFP for her 6 am workout. When she gets home she wakes her girls up, showers, gets the kids ready for school and heads to work by 9 am. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she does not workout, but she does have to be at her job by 7:30 am.

Favorite healthy food?

Casey loves making egg beaters with lots of different veggies and a little mozzarella on top.

Hobbies and Work:

Works for a beer distributor, Summit Distributing, in Earth City. She volunteers as a Girl Scout leader and at her church and enjoys trying new things and meeting new people.


“I try to remember that I’m gaining muscle, and I’m mindful that the scale doesn’t always tell the real story. I’m noticing that my inches are coming down and the weight is coming off gradually.”

“When I can go the next week and increase my weight from the week before I see and feel the difference and I think yes, I’m really doing something.”

October 2015 – Deana Schnell

Deana Schnell never thought she would need to worry about an exercise routine. She’d been thin her entire life. Though she’d never been extremely fit or “in shape,” during her twenties and thirties she simply assumed exercise didn’t need to be a priority since she’d always been able to maintain a healthy weight.

Then, suddenly, all of that changed.

Deana had foot surgery in 2012, and afterward any form of movement—even walking—began to cause her tremendous pain. She found herself on the couch, eating cookies and, suddenly, forty pounds overweight. Deana has had five major surgeries in the last eight years. It seemed impossible for her to find an exercise program that would give her results without aggravating old injuries and causing her pain.

Then one day, her husband, Mike, was walking their dogs when he met a new neighbor, Ryan Morgan. Ryan told Mike about Pursuit Fitness and Performance, and Mike and Deana decided to give it a try through the Spring Transformation contest. They started group training in April, three days a week, and were immediately hooked.

“My biggest challenge is to be able to do exercises without injuring places on me that have already been injured,” Deana says. “But (PFP) provides different alternatives. They take it slow and make sure that I get the correct form. They push me just the right amount. They don’t push me past where I want to go, physically.”

Deana immediately saw the difference between PFP and traditional gyms. She found that PFP was not intimidating, but rather, a very encouraging and supportive atmosphere. Plus, the trainers and fellow clients provided her with just the right amount of motivation. “I used to go to Club Fitness and walk on the treadmill for an hour and call that my workout. My husband and I have a full gym in our basement—kettle bells, a pilates machine—and it just sits there.” At PFP Deana looks forward to her workouts. She finds that the time passes quickly and the four to five week rotation of exercises keeps her from growing bored.

So far, Deana and Mike have each lost around twenty pounds, but Deana is not big on numbers. Rather, she is more excited about how she feels. “I feel stronger, healthier and more confident. My clothes fit again,” she says. “I’m not going to find excuses to not workout ever again. I’ve been going for several months, and I plan to keep going. I’m not going to stop everything I’ve accomplished.”

Deana and her husband do not follow a strict diet. However, since joining PFP, the two have decided to cut sugary snacks from their daily lives. Deana used to make fun of “label readers,” but since Mike went on a PFP grocery store tour, she finds herself analyzing the protein and sugar contents on the foods that she buys. “It was hard in the beginning,” Deana says. “But now I don’t even realize that I’m missing anything. It’s just a part of my life.”

Deana finds that the expense of PFP is well worth it. She is investing in her health and her future. “My work at PFP is going to help me avoid future surgeries,” she says. “And that’s what is most important.”

Her future goals at the gym are to continue to tone up, maintain her weight and eventually lose about ten more pounds. But she’s in no hurry. She knows that with work and commitment, the weight loss will come. She just wants to push herself to new limits and continue on her journey to better health. “I like that I’m in shape and that I’m strong,” Deana says. “There’s nothing better than feeling good about yourself and your health.”

Next year Deana will turn fifty. But the looming new decade and chapter of her life does not intimidate her at all. Rather, she’s welcoming this next stage with optimism and the same positive attitude she’s adopted from her trainers and friends at PFP.  In regards to her coming birthday she says, “I’m going into the next decade in the best shape of my life. I’m not helpless anymore.”


Favorite exercise?

She likes them all! Any non-cardio exercise is typically one of her favorites.

Least favorite exercise?

The ropes. They are “deceptively hard” for her.

Favorite Workout Song?

Again, she likes them all! Deana finds that the music at PFP is perfectly suited to her taste, in regards to song choice and volume.

Deana’s Morning Routine:

She gets up around 6:30 and gets her high school senior son, Cory, off to school. She’s not a big breakfast eater, but will typically walk her border collie and Australian shepherd dogs before having a shake as her lunch.

Hobbies and Work:

Deana is a stay at home mom and her favorite hobby is shopping. Her favorite place to buy workout clothes is Marshall’s and her favorite brand there is Nike. As far as non-workout clothes shopping goes, Deana recommends Anne Taylor.


“Twenty minutes in (to the workout) I think, I’m not going to make it, but then suddenly it’s over! I’ve never wanted to sweat, and now I find myself enjoying sweating for an hour.”

“At first I thought, I’m not going to the gym and putting on workout clothes in front of other people, but PFP was very welcoming. You see the same people in the group training and we all just kind of encourage each other.”

September 2015 – Joyce Kemper

09_2015_Kamper_Joyce (1)
It is hard to believe that Joyce Kamper recently turned 70 years old. And she’s never felt better. “I wish I would have known about (Pursuit Fitness and Performance) forty years ago, but better late than never,” she says, with a smile. “God’s gonna have to run after me, I’m not gonna even give him a chance!”

Joyce began working out at PFP one year ago in November. She’d tried other personal trainers before, but it just wasn’t working for her. She wasn’t happy. When her daughter discovered Ryan and PFP she thought she’d give it a try. She signed up for personal training, three times a week at 3:30. “It was amazing,” she says. “I was like ‘Are you kidding me?’ Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could do these things! What they have me doing is amazing.”

Joyce’s trainers at PFP, particularly Adam and Joe, have helped to push her to her full potential, setting goals and making realistic changes that fit within her lifestyle. Adam recently texted Joyce, asking her, We’ve conquered so many things, now what are your goals? Joyce wanted to do six push ups, all on her own, by the end of June. And she did it! “I cannot believe the strength that I have, and the stamina with what I do,” she says. Joyce’s weaknesses include chocolate and ice cream. But she has learned to incorporate these items in moderation. Ryan told her “You’re not a chocoholic, you just like chocolate and you can have some once in awhile.” She began portioning out small sizes of ice cream as a treat, but never more than a tiny cup. And she and her husband, “Wild Bill,” have begun to eat fresh fish three times per week.

Joyce enjoys the extracurriculars PFP promotes—particularly the grocery store tours. Bill has cholesterol problems, but after the two of them attended a grocery tour with Joe they both are reading labels every time they shop.

Joyce’s new, healthy lifestyle extends beyond the reach of her husband. She’s teaching her grandchildren what it means to get stronger and workout hard too. Her granddaughter, Morgan, has accompanied her to a PFP training session, and the two of them did push-ups together. Morgan was impressed by the strength and stamina of her grandmother—but a little less than impressed with Joyce’s typical workout grunts and groans. “She said to me, ‘Meems, you make a lot of noise doing that!”Joyce says, laughing.

Most importantly, Joyce is doing what is best for herself. After participating in a PFP Transformation Contest, she lost six inches off of her legs and noticed her clothes fitting much better. She visited her doctor for a checkup and when her blood work came back she was told that her numbers were where he wanted all of his patients to be and that she went down three points on her annual bone scan.

“If I can do this anyone can,” Joyce says. “When you first start out with a new program, it’s like ‘How will I ever get through this?’ But after a few weeks you realize you can and you progress from there. It’s all about little baby steps to do what you want to do.”

Joyce is growing stronger and healthier with each personal training session, but what keeps her coming back? The fun she has at PFP! “If I can’t laugh, you can just hang it up,” she says. “I just love everybody there. They really do care. It’s not about the money for them, it’s like a family. They high five you when you walk out the door!”


Favorite exercise?

Working out with weights. Joyce loves when her trainers push her and give her confidence to increase what she can lift.

Least favorite exercise?

Side planks. In fact, Joyce once tried to bribe Adam with a bottle of Maker’s Mark so that he wouldn’t put any more side planks on her schedule!

Favorite workout song?

Uptown Funk. (Or, as Joyce calls it, “Funk You Up”)

Joyce’s morning routine:

She gets up, grabs a cup of coffee and checks her email. If it’s a non-PFP day she will watch workout videos on YouTube and try some exercises with her bands or on her treadmill.

Favorite healthy food?

Fish and scallops

Hobbies and Work:

Joyce is a retired All-State agent. She spends most of her time now chasing after her three St. Louis area grandchildren.


“My best advice is to keep moving. I hope to give someone some inspiration.”

“I’m willing to give anything a go. And I can do it. You will not believe what I can do.”

August 2015 – Peggy Bohnenstiehl


“You don’t need to eat a ton to survive, you just need to eat the right stuff.” – Peggy Bohnenstiehl

Peggy Bohnenstiehl is a caregiver. She cares for her granddaughter during the summer, and three years ago she spent the vast majority of her time caring for her husband as he dealt with lung cancer. Like many women, Peggy put others before herself. She was so absorbed with the attention her husband needed at the end of his life, she could not find the time she needed to take care of her own health. The pounds added up.

After her husband passed away, Peggy came out of her shell of grief and took a look in the mirror. At 58, she vowed to look at herself when she turned 60 and not feel the need to say “Ugh.” Lucky for Peggy, just before she turned 60, she discovered Pursuit Fitness and Performance.

Peggy was browsing Facebook when she saw that her friend’s daughter was PFP’s “Member of the Month.” Impressed, Peggy called her friend the next day and got in touch with PFP owner, Ryan Morgan.

But Peggy was nervous to begin an exercise program because of the arthritis in her knees. The trainers at PFP helped Peggy by setting her up to see an orthopedic surgeon, who worked alongside PFP to develop an exercise program that would strengthen the muscles around her knees and allow her to work out pain free.

Six months later, Peggy now has no trouble with her arthritis while going up steps or while doing squats at the gym. She loves doing any variation of a plank and working on her “Michelle Obama arms” with weight training. She has decreased her BMI by 6%, her shirts don’t gap anymore and when a niece saw Peggy for the first time after she started the program all she could say was “Amazing.”

Peggy has made other important lifestyle changes, as well. Before PFP she used to have 3-4 drinks a night. She now cuts that down to 1. She looks forward to the routine of her Monday, Wednesday, Friday personal training sessions and makes an effort to be more active on other days of the week too—choosing to walk her dog instead of watching TV.

Peggy previously belonged to a more “corporate” gym and found that the trainers were impersonal. They didn’t help her with the exercises, and she found the experience to be a waste. At PFP her primary trainer, Joe, really motivates her and pushes her to be her best. He encourages her to invest in herself, future health and the health of the people around her. She is teaching her sister to make better meal choices and showing her granddaughter what it means to live an active lifestyle.

Today, Peggy’s goal is to graduate from personal training to group training. She loves the camaraderie of PFP. She participated in the Dragon Boat races and appreciates the charity and community engagement of the gym. Of PFP Peggy says, “Everyone is so friendly, I’m 60 and I walk in and these 20 and 30 year olds hang out and work out with me. It’s just like one big family. There’s no intimidation, everyone is very supportive. It’s so motivating to see (owner) Ryan and his wife Casey come in and do the very same workouts that I do. I love seeing that it’s working for them too.”


Favorite exercise?

Any variation of a plank

Least favorite exercise?

Push-ups with a band

Peggy’s morning routine:

Wakes at 5:30 to have a cup of coffee, lets the dog out, then eats a banana before heading to her 7am workout at PFP. After she gets home she eats yogurt with protein powder, blueberries and walnuts. Then she walks the dog and plays with her granddaughter.

Favorite healthy food?

Grilled veggies

Hobbies and Work:

Peggy works for the Visiting Angels organization and volunteers as a mentor at her church.

July 2015

July’s Member of the Month is Emily Thiel!

Congratulations to Emily on being our July Member of the Month!  Here is Emily’s story in her own words:   

“I’m surprised and honored to be named Member of the Month! From the first workout, I knew Pursuit Fitness was the gym for me. It was challenging, but I felt really great about myself for being able to do it all, despite not having worked out with any regularity for quite some time. Since joining, I’ve consistently challenged myself and continuously moved forward.

I love everything about PFP. The variety of the group training workouts is great; phases are long enough that I can see progress in myself, but short enough that they don’t get boring. Every exercise is doable and there’s always a way to make it more challenging. Workouts fit into my life, rather than my life revolving around working out. Coaching is phenomenal. There’s a much greater attention to movement than I’ve seen in any other group training setting. I love the habit based coaching approach. It’s allowed me to have a lot of success without being a boring, neurotic, anti-social girl on a diet, which I’m sure my husband appreciates. The other members are so friendly and encouraging.

In the short term, my goals are to earn my black band and continue to lose fat; I have some small dresses in the back of my closet I’m determined to fit into later this year. My biggest goal is to continue to be motivated. I hope years from now, I look forward to workouts like I do now and continue to be excited about opportunities to do more, like Strength Academy. I believe PFP is the gym that will guide me to long term success. Thanks Joe, Adam, Sarah, and Ryan!”

June 2015

Tom Harman

June’s Member of the Month is Tom Harman

Tom always walks in with a smile on his face!  He has had quite a journey with his health and fitness and has come a long way.  He is inspiring to his friends and family, and sets a great example to those around him.  After just a few months here at PFP Tom saw some pretty dramatic health screening results and has been a believer every since. He shares about his experiences any time he gets the chance and is always welcoming to new members.  PFP is a Harman Family Affair, Tom is a member along with both his daughters Abby, and Madelyn, and his wife Lori.  Families that sweat together, do stick together!  Here is Emily’s story in his own words:   


“My experience in the short nine months that I have been with the PFP family has been a very rewarding journey. The two key words that I will be using throughout my story will be family and journey. I was inspired to come to Pursuit as a result of seeing the accomplishments gained from my beautiful wife. She was the key in me starting this journey. In my business environment I always dwell on the fact that motivation comes from within and leaders inspire people to achieve goals. My wife is that leader for me.

I really enjoy my three workouts per week particularly the variety of exercises that the PFP family has constructed for me. I am treating this as a marathon versus the quick fix that everyone is looking for these days.  My goals that I have set are fairly straight forward from getting in better shape by vastly improving my vitals in blood pressure and BMI to giving me back the opportunity to hit a golf ball farther. My upper body flexibility today can be compared to what I had back in my 30’s which is not bad when you are 62 and getting older!!

My goals for the future are continuous improvement and staying with this program. I am also fortunate to have my daughters Madelyn and Abigail involved with PFP and I can see the benefits they are deriving from the program as well. Also they love giving their ol’ Dad a little push now and then!!!

I will leave you with this final thought. Success is not a destination but a continuous journey. I look forward to working with the Pursuit family because you get it!!  Strength and drive will keep you alive!!”

May 2015

Lisa t MOM


May’s Member of the Month is Lisa Tennant

Lisa is really consistent with her workouts and works hard every time she comes into the gym. Despite her busy schedule as a mother and business owner, she shows up 3 mornings a week with a positive attitude and keeps setting new challenges for herself. Lisa is a great example of a client who contributes to PFP’s family like atmosphere. She has been pushing herself consistently for the past year in personal training, gaining strength and toning up, and she recently added in group training as well. She in an inspiration to other clients and to her family and two children and we are proud to have her as our newest member of the month! Here is Lisa’s story in her own words:


       “I decided to come to Pursuit Fitness about a year ago because I wanted to get in shape and eat healthier. I have 2 kids in school who play multiple sports and my husband and I are self-employed which makes it difficult to take time for yourself.  The gym came highly recommended by my friend. I met with Ryan and instantly wanted to get to work.  The first month or two Adam or Sarah would check in with me weekly, it really kept me motivated.  I love setting goals and accomplishing them. My first goal was to commit to coming which was really easy to do because I always felt so much better after Personal Training. I started making small goals for example doing 3 sets of 8 push-up with perfect form. My goal I am working on now is to complete an unassisted chin up. I have also added a group training, everyone is so helpful and welcoming. I am really proud of the hard work I have done over the past year and look forward to continuing to push myself. I love my new gym family.”

April 2015

photo 5


April’s Member of the Month is Caleb Geuns

Caleb works very hard every time he steps foot into the gym, he has set goals over the last couple of months to be in top shape for the arrival of baby girl Geuns and has made great strides toward accomplishing his goals. Caleb is very friendly and is always so helpful with new people. He is the person to watch for motivation and is a great example of health here at PFP. We are so excited for what this month has in store for you and are proud you call PFP your fitness home. Here is what Caleb had to say about his time at Pursuit Fitness:

        “I came to pursuit fitness after coming to the realization that lifting for an hour every morning had me feeling less healthy, not flexible, and I was getting zero cardio. I had been battling back issues and had sought out a local chiropractor. Needless to say, one Dr Glickert referred me to Ryan, where Kelsi and I really enjoyed his approach to health. Since joining, my focus has changed many times. At first I was driven to get that black band, then to gain mass by increasing weight, then push myself to get in good cycling shape through giving my all on lower body exercises(I hate lunges), then increase cardio. It was recently that I had been eating healthy things, but just too much of them. I had let myself indulge too much and got doughy. I rededicated myself to leaning out in the middle of January and focused on winning the day, everyday. If I gave my full effort for just those 17 hours I was awake to stick to the plan the results would come. Fast forward 8 weeks and I am down 18 lbs and I am lighter than I have been since before meeting my wife.  Long story short, my experience has been all about goal setting and attaining….and I am far from done reaching those milestones. I enjoy the accountability and family atmosphere. I have met a ton of people through work here in St Louis, but not many are considered friends. My Pursuit fitfam are people I genuinely look forward to seeing every class and many of you I know I could count on as friends.One of my proudest achievements here at PFP is I can touch my toes! It sounds silly but I was 8 inches from making that happen at one point after joining in August of 2013. I think I have also been really proud of being able to step up over the last couple of months to help some of the newer members learn the workouts and feel comfortable, when asked. My goal for the future are; Long term – I want to keep pushing to lean out and be the cool, active dad for my daughter and wife! Short term – I have committed to competing in my first competitive enduro mountain bike race on Labor Day. So this summer is all about hard core training here at PFP and on the trails to win! “

March 2015

kara mom


March’s Member of the Month is Kara Mohrmann

Kara works incredibly hard every time she steps foot into the gym, and even puts in the work outside of the gym.  She is committed to her health and the health of her family, whom she sets such a great example for.  Kara asks questions and engages with those around her about workouts and is self driven to put in 100% every time!
We want to recognize Kara for always providing good feedback and setting and achieving your goals!  Congratulations and keep up the great work! Here is Kara’s story in her own words:
This is quite the honor.  I would have never thought when I started at Pursuit that I would one day be Member of the Month.  I came to Pursuit looking for a gym where I could maximize the limited amount of time I had to get in a good workout.  I also enjoy running and often get asked how I have time to go for runs as well as work out 2-3 times a week.  Being a wife, mom, and working full time outside of the home, I don’t have a lot – ok I don’t have any – free time.  I prioritize the time I have and thanks to my super supportive husband, I am able to make it work.
I had our third child in February 2013 followed by major surgery that summer. I was finally cleared for running and working out in October.  Personal trainers are expensive and certainly not within the Mohrmann budget.  I met with Ryan on Monday November 4, 2013, signed up, and returned that evening for my first group session.  I was hooked.
I have enjoyed my experience at Pursuit very much.  My favorite has been the strength training class I took and hope it is offered again!  I enjoy my 6am friends who don’t mind getting up early to get a work out in… I also feel like if I don’t go to a workout, I am letting them down.
I like that all of the trainers know you by name.  They want to know how you are doing, how your kids are, how the job hunt is going, etc. They care about us and take the time to actually talk to us.  I like that.
I feel like I have gained a lot of self confidence since joining Pursuit.  I am also stronger.  I have 3 boys and a husband who are active and like to play and be outside.  I want to be out there with them, not sitting on the sidelines watching.  I have Crohn’s Disease and keeping my body active, in shape, and healthy is a priority.
My future goals are pretty simple.  I want to FINALLY get rid of this purple band as well as continue eating more protein and veggies at every meal.  I have a few more pounds I would like to get rid of… I know it will be tough, but with the help of the great PFP Team I know I can do it!  I also have a supportive husband who gets our 3 kids ready for school EVERY morning that I am at the gym.  I certainly couldn’t do this without him.  I wouldn’t be where I am without Ryan, Adam, Sarah, and Joe pushing me, motivating me, encouraging me each time I come to the gym, so thank you guys!

February 2015


February’s Member of the month is Ellen Adams


Ellen is dedicated to her health, and is passionate about working out.  Strength training and learning good form gets her really excited!  Ellen is always one of the first people to arrive to class and rarely misses a workout.  She embodies what we teach at Pursuit and is always asking good questions, and works hard to accomplish her goals. Ellen also achieved Black Band status this month as well.
Ellen thanks for being an ambassador of the gym, a friend to new people, and setting such a great example of health to those around you, here is Ellen’s story in her own words:

I started attending Pursuit Fitness and Performance January 2014 to lose weight and gain strength.  Being a busy mom of a brand new baby and a toddler, I had every excuse to not take time for myself.  Ryan gave me every reason why I should take time for myself and join Pursuit.  I decided to do a short term membership for a contest Pursuit was offering.  During those six weeks I quickly realized my new dedication to myself would extend well beyond.  Here I am over a year later and look forward to my workouts.  Pursuit trainers take training, coaching and inspiring to a level that I have not experienced at any of my previous gyms and the members are the best!  I have increased strength, lost inches and gained confidence.  I have Pursuit to thank for that and feel honored to be the February Member of the Month.


January 2015

January’s Member of the Month is Dr. Michael Glickert.

Mike, the director of Midwest Spine and Injury Center, is a warm and upbeat person who has been a member here for almost 2 years. Mike is always pushing himself to try harder and do more. He is encouraging to other members and always has a happy and fun attitude during the workouts.  To hear what Mike has to say about his time here at Pursuit Fitness & Performance click on the video below to hear in his own words;


December 2014


photo (7)

Liz Alexander is this month’s Member of the Month.

Liz has been a member of PFP for over a year now and has been incredibly consistent. In fact, Liz managed to make every single one of her workouts without missing one for over a year! She always has a positive attitude and seems happy to be here, and you can tell by the way she interacts with other members and is very inviting and friendly when new members come in for the first time.

In addition to making her workouts, Liz does a great job of planning her meals and keeping up with everything outside of the gym to be successful, while balancing her career as a teacher and mother of two. Check out the rest of Liz’s story:

I first came to Pursuit in May of 2013 to participate in the teacher appreciation month.  At the time, I looked at it as a fun short-term way to kick off the summer, but soon I knew this was where I wanted to continue working out and joined without hesitation.  The workouts are fun, but challenging, and I love that every month we are able to look forward to learning something new.  I never get bored, and that was an obstacle I had faced with gym memberships in the past.  I love the people that I work out with, as well as the trainers.  It’s a community of people who encourage one another to push harder and go further than you thought you could ever go.  Ryan, Adam and Sarah provide support and inspiration whether your goal is large or small.  Since joining Pursuit, I feel stronger and healthier than ever before.  As a mom, I want my kids to see that working out and eating right is a priority, and Pursuit serves as a foundation for this healthy lifestyle!  I continue to amaze myself at my accomplishments with each passing week, and I’m so thankful for Pursuit and all it has done for me!

November 2014



Jon Bingaman is this month’s member of the month:

Jon has been in it to win it since he started at Pursuit. When Jon came to us he was ready for a lifestyle change.  He saw his wife, Jenni (our last months Member of the Month) looking and feeling great and wanted the same for him and his family. He gave up all tobacco and soda cold turkey and hasn’t caved in since July and hasn’t missed a single workout. He also was one of the winners of our Back to School Transformation Contest that ended this October, winning a vacation in Vegas!
Not only is Jon someone who has dedicated himself to priorities of health and fitness but he is also someone that is friendly, helpful, encouraging and interactive with other members around him…making them better too! We truly value someone like this in our community which is why Jon is this month’s Member of the Month!
My wife has been a member since the beginning of the year and after seeing her amazing results at Pursuit and her always talking about the workouts and how much she enjoyed everyone and everything about the gym; I had to find out about Pursuit myself.   It seemed to be the perfect cure to the sedentary nature that my life had become after my son was born (kids can be exhausting) and a way to get my energy level back up and my pant size back down to what it was before I got extremely lazy.  So, I took part in a free 2 week trial and after the first few days I knew that I would be joining for the long haul.

 My personal experience at PFP has been great; I have really enjoyed the friendliness of the staff, the challenging yet fun workouts (minus a few of the finishers), and the comradery that exists between the members in each class. The extra push from the fellow members and the training staff is exactly what I needed as motivation to push myself toward my goals.  I would have never lost the weight I have lost or made the positive changes to my life if I was doing this on my own.

 In order to really push myself and to make real positive changes; my wife and I (and a good friend) decided to take part in the Back To School Transformation Challenge.  The completion was a lot of fun and having 2 other members in my team and the PFP staff pushing me really helped to bring some positive results.  During the six weeks of the completion I was able to lose 16+ pounds and about 4% of body fat.  With my results and the fantastic results of my team mates we were able to win the Transformation Contest. The trip to Vegas is fantastic but getting back to being healthy is the real prize.

Since the day I started at PFP I have stopped my 4 to 5 soda a day habit (haven’t had a single soda since), a 20+ year smokeless tobacco habit, and have pretty much completely changed my whole lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a good beer every once and a while, but the changes that I have made and the results that I have seen in the past 4+ months have been pretty amazing.  I would really like to thank my wife and my son for providing all of the motivation, but I also wouldn’t have been able to do it without Ryan’s and the team at PFP’s guidance and support.  

 I look forward to continuing to work hard at PFP and to continue the healthy diet and lifestyle that I have relearned.  I still have a few pounds to lose to get to where I want to be but at least I now have the energy level to keep up with my wife and son and the motivation and drive to meet all of my other goals.

We are so proud of all you have accomplished and keep up the great work!

October 2014

jenni M.OM


jenni bingamann


My adorable baby boy, Jack, was born on 10/31/13. Pregnancy was rough and the day I checked in to the hospital my weight gain had hit 50 lbs. While I was extremely happy with my new arrival, I wanted to get back to my healthier self as soon as possible. And, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. Just a few months later I found a fun, motivating way to start that journey – the New Year, New You Transformation contest at Pursuit Fitness. It was exactly what I needed. Fun, high energy group workouts, an easy to follow meal plan and prizes… you can never go wrong with prizes! While I didn’t win the trip to Hawaii (I came in third) by the time the contest was over I was wearing my favorite jeans again.

The competition was awesome, but I wanted to keep the momentum going so I decided to become a regular member of the gym. I love that every time I go to the gym there is a challenging, full body workout just waiting to kick my butt. The training staff is always there encouraging me, ensuring good form and pushing me to push myself. The other members help motivate me and make working out enjoyable and fun. I have even convinced my husband to join the gym, so now we challenge each other. I did the wheelbarrows WITH the push-ups, did you =)?

I am now just over half way through the Back to School Transformation Contest and seeing great results again (did I mention I like prizes?). My goal for the contest is to get back to my wedding day weight. I have never felt healthier or more confident than I did on my wedding day. I have 5 more pounds to go to hit my goal. My goal after the contest is to continue getting stronger and leaner so that come next summer I am comfortable and confident in my pre-baby bikini. As long as I follow the plan and work my butt off during my workouts I know I will succeed.



September 2014

Maddy HarmanMaddy Harman Isagenix ResultsMadelyn Harmann is Septembers Member of the Month, she has been a member of Pursuit Fitness & Performance since the very beginning.  She has a passion for volleyball and coaches a girls team.  Madelyn recently brought in her mother Lori, who was Member of the Month in June 2014.  Even more recently her father Tom started coming to Pursuit for Personal Training as well.  There are many afternoons they come in and workout together as a family and are seeing amazing results.  Madelyn recently finished up with the Strength Academy Program and saw some amazing results!  She has truly been a positive influence to those close to her and continues to keep such a positive attitude during all of her workouts.

1. Why did you come to Pursuit Fitness?  What were you looking for?

I decided to join Pursuit Fitness in an effort to increase my workouts and truly start living a healthier life. I have worked out at other gyms in the St. Louis area, but the atmosphere of Pursuit sparked my passion for working out again!

2. What has your experience at Pursuit Fitness been like since you joined?

Overall, my experience has been nothing but awesome!! The training I have received and the changes that have happened in the past year, I could not be more happy with my experience working out at Pursuit! The greatest and most enjoyable part of working out at Pursuit is the fact that my entire family is now starting to work out at Pursuit as well! So we now make it a family adventure a couple nights a week to work out as a family! 

3. What are the biggest personal achievements you have experienced after joining Pursuit Fitness?

Some of my biggest achievements at Pursuit have come in the recent months. Since January I have been working out in the personal training sessions once a week and have noticed a significant increase in my strength. I finally feel like I’m getting back to my high school days when I was lifting heavy weights and felt real strong, but this time I have the right form! 🙂 My second greatest achievement happened back in May. For the first time since starting at Pursuit I started myself on the Isagenix program with a 30 day cleanse. It was tough, but I finished the program and achieved the best results I have ever received since joining Pursuit. The combination of my workouts and the Isagenix; I’m feeling and looking the best I have in years!

4. What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future are to keep improving from my results I have had since joining. I would love to see myself in the greatest shape physically and to keep improving my mindset about health and nutrition. I hope to keep up with these goals as I know they are long term and the end result will be a new lifestyle for me! 

Congratulations Madelyn, we are so proud of all you have accomplished! Your hard work and positive attitude help you reach new heights all the time, continue to motivate friends and family around you!

August 2014

SamAugust’s member of the month is Sam Murphy! Sam became a member of Pursuit in April 2013, and she never misses a workout!  Sam is a true ambassador for the gym, she is always very helpful with new clients making them feel at home and welcome.  She works incredibly hard every time she steps foot in the gym and is very focused on results.  This past month she increased the results she has been seeing by adding extra workouts to her routine outside of Pursuit at her apartment gym!  Sam is a devoted sister and soon to be wife, she is preparing for her wedding that will be coming up in November.  We are incredibly proud of your hard work and are happy you call Pursuit your fitness home!

Sam’s Story:

I joined PFP in March of 2013. At that point in time, I was burnt out from my routine workouts of running 4+ miles and doing abdominal exercises. I was looking for a way to workout in which I did not personally have to devise or create the exercises; a workout that was challenging, but also fun and involved other people. Most importantly though, I was looking for a gym or environment that would re-inspire and re-motivate me to enjoy working out again. PFP was just the solution (and still is)! Since I joined PFP, I have become much stronger. In addition to all the physical benefits, PFP has introduced me to many great, new people. Part of the reason I continue to come to PFP is because of the friends I have made since I joined. I do not want to miss a workout with these people and, more importantly, for myself. The thing I most enjoy about PFP is learning new exercises.  I enjoy knowing that all I have to do is show up to the gym and try hard and I will continue to learn more about strength and conditioning—in addition to getting fitter and stronger. Since coming to PFP, I have achieved many things physically, emotionally and socially. My two biggest personal achievements would have to be my arm strength and increased awareness of my diet and its effect on my overall health and wellness.  In terms of the future, it is my goal to continue to work out 4 or more times a week and continue to get stronger. I am confident PFP will help me achieve this goal. Thank you, PFP! 
Congratulations Sam, we are excited to see where the future and your goals take you! Keep up the great work!

July 2014

MOM-Michelle B

July’s month’s member of the month is Michelle Behrle! Michelle became a member of Pursuit as a referral from her sister-in-law, Ashley.  Since starting at Pursuit Fitness she has grown more aware of how her body moves and the steps needed to achieve her goals both physically and nutritionally.  She is self motivated and on an unstoppable goal setting train!  We are so proud of all you have accomplished so far and can’t wait to see where your future goals take you!

1. Why did you come to Pursuit Fitness?  What were you looking for?

I originally came to PFP because my sister-in-law encouraged me to join her on a bring a friend night. I came to one class and was nervous because I was very overweight and extremely out of shape. I had tried many different diet programs as well as many different attempts at joining gyms and none were successful in changing my mindset so they weren’t successful for me overall. Ryan and I had a long talk and he encouraged me to try PFP and give him one year and they would change my life! Since nothing else had worked for me I decided to take a leap of faith in him and myself and fully commit to the program he was advising for me at the level I was at that moment. 

2. What has your experience at Pursuit Fitness been like since you joined?

PFP is a complete program, the staff is awesome and committed to transforming your life not only nutritionally and physically but also emotionally encouraging you to push yourself and helping you to succeed. Ryan, Sarah, and Adam have limitless energy and contagious enthusiasm that overflows onto you and pushes you to want to go just a little harder. They also provided me with many tools to improve my nutrition including a cookbook with tons of yummy recipes and a grocery store tour that helped with knowing what to buy and what are healthy choices.

3. What do you enjoy most about your experience at Pursuit Fitness?
I enjoy the personal connection that they give everyone that walks through the doors of PFP. They all know your name and your story and your goals. You are not just a number who will get lost in the shuffle, it is important to the staff that you are welcomed as part of the family from the moment you join. They celebrate with you when you reach a goal or a milestone while encouraging you to set the next one. They have a great way of communicating with you and with each other so everyone stays on the same page and no one gets left behind. 
4. What are the biggest personal achievements you have experienced after joining Pursuit Fitness?
Since joining PFP in April I have lost 27 pounds and have walked everyday for 78 days (and counting) straight, in addition to my three days a week at Pursuit. I have felt myself gaining strength and energy. I also completed a 30 day cleanse which was very difficult for me but the rewards are an increase in energy and I feel amazing. Nutrition wise, I have completely changed my diet and have had much success trying the recipes from the cookbook Ryan gave me at the beginning. In a million years, I never believed that I would make and enjoy a veggie lasagna or pizza crust made out of cauliflower but I have and I do!  I am also feeling confident that this time, with the support of my amazing husband Shawn and my very encouraging family and friends, I can finally achieve the life long goal of being healthy and fit.
5. What are your goals for the future?
My main long term goal is to continue down the path I am on, of finally getting my weight under control and to a healthy range. In the short term I would like to reach 100 days of walking everyday and then continue onto 150 days straight. In addition, I am going to add some interval training to my daily workouts outside the gym. Also, I am going to make the transition from personal training to group training. 
I would like to thank Ryan, Adam and especially Sarah for their help, their patience, and their positive encouragement and I can’t wait to continue on this journey with them. 

Michelle, Congrats on all your accomplishments you deserve everything you have worked so hard to achieve!  Keep up the hard work, and you will continue to be a motivation to those around you and to us!

June 2014

Lori Harman

This month’s member of the month is Lori Harman! Lori became a member of Pursuit as a referral from her daughter, Madelyn. She has been everything that Pursuit hopes for with personal training clients. She schedules all her visits, and arrives early to get her foam rolling and breathing in so she is ready for the warm-up section when the session is ready to start. She has done an awesome job with the Success Principles – which is evident in her great results she’s had in a relatively short amount of time! Here is Lori’s story:

1. What brought you to Pursuit Fitness & Performance in the first place?
I asked for Christmas to have a Personal Trainer and my daughter had been going to Pursuit Fitness for about a year and she got me the gift.

2. What are your goals?

  • Now one of my goals is to continue to lose more weight and get stronger.
  • Get to a point where I want to go to work out, not have to go to work out.
  • When I get to where I want to be, then my goal will be to continue to have a workout program to maintain.
  • Find more healthy recipes and try to eat healthier.

3. What kind of success have you had?
I’ve lost weight and I’m sure inches, my summer pants of last year are too big.  I find that I can fit into other clothes that I couldn’t.  I am having less pain in some of my joints, but working out has certainly created soreness in areas I didn’t know existed.

4. What is your favorite thing about Pursuit?
There are a couple of favorite things.  They let me work at my pace but they will prod me along without being a drill sergeant.  There is always encouragement not only from the trainers but the others working out with you. 

5. How do you make time to exercise?
Sometimes it is hard to find the time.  There are times I feel I’m not getting things I need at home done, but, that is where the work sharing starts with the husband and adult children.  I just make up my mind it has to be 3 times a week.  I’m not cheating anyone but myself.  

Congratulations, Lori, on all your awesome accomplishments so far!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is so proud of your achievements and we appreciate your loyalty! Keep up your hard work!

May 2014

Brandon B

This month’s member of the month is Brandon Behrle!  Brandon became a member following our last Transformation Contest where he saw some amazing results, losing weight and decreasing his body fat percentage.  Even after the contest ended Brandon has stayed super focused on his health and fitness goals, tackling his first half marathon and accomplishing it in under his goal time!  He has continued to see results because he is dedicated and works hard to keep his nutrition in check.  Brandon you are the definition of a go getter and a motivating individual who sets a great example to those around you! Here is Brandon’s story:

 1. Why did you come to Pursuit Fitness?  What were you looking for?
I came to PFP because I needed to make a lifestyle change. I had just turned 29 and was 50 pounds heavier than what I was 9 years prior. I would eat whatever I wanted and would drink to excess almost every day. With the encouragement and support of my wife, she signed us up for the 6 week Transformation Challenge.2. What has your experience at Pursuit Fitness been like since you joined?
It’s a little family, it is incredibly encouraging coming into my workouts and having people there who support you and WANT you to succeed. I’ve been to so many other gyms over the years and it’s easy to get lost in the pool of gym goers. At Pursuit Fitness, they do not let you get lost, they want you to achieve you goals, as cheesy as it sounds.
 3. What are the biggest personal achievements you have experienced after joining Pursuit Fitness?
 My biggest achievement so far has been losing 40 pounds and running my first half marathon. I have found a love for competitive running and truly enjoy it. It’s not a “workout” for me, I look forward to my runs every day.4. What are your goals for the future?
My short term goal is to complete my scheduled first FULL marathon in 3 hours 40 min and my long term goal is to qualify and compete in the Boston Marathon someday.

Congratulations Brandon Behrle on all your awesome accomplishments so far, we know you will make it to Boston someday!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is so proud of your achievements and we appreciate your loyalty!

April 2014

Ashley D (2)

This month’s member of the month is Ashley Diekamp!  Ashley has been a member at PFP for the last 3 years (our longest member!) and is well deserving of the member of the month honor.  Over the last month she has decided to fully dedicate herself to our success principles and has began to reap the benefits like never before!  She has also started the process of giving up smoking and is dedicated to making that change in her life as well! We are so proud of her! Here is her story:

1. Why did you come to Pursuit Fitness?  What were you looking for?
I actually came because my friend persuaded me to try it out but starting isn’t the same as staying 🙂 . I found a workout that seemed to hit every  single muscle in my body (considering I couldn’t walk right for a week after that first day) and I didn’t have to spend hours in the gym. Also, being held accountable for showing up helps keep you going.
2. What has your experience at Pursuit Fitness been like since you joined?
For as long as I’ve been with PFP I have watched the business grow and have seen many people have amazing results. I’ve seen new people join who seem to be a little reluctant to try for that heavier weight or go for level 3, transform into workout beasts. It’s nice to see that confidence and motivation being built into people. I wouldn’t have brought the majority of my family if I thought any different.
3. What do you enjoy most about your experience at Pursuit Fitness?
The members! The coaches are great too but the people we workout with make it fun. There are so many people that I’ve met through Pursuit that I now consider friends. Of course a little “friendly” competition is also quite enjoyable (guys never liked to be out-lifted by a girl… aka…me)
4. What are the biggest personal achievements you have experienced after joining Pursuit Fitness?
I didn’t really have any goals when I started, or really not any until a few months ago. I continued to workout because I could tell the changes in my body were positive. The strength I gained alone was enough to keep me going (except now instead of being the go to person for getting things off of high shelves, I am also the go to person for moving heavy crap…yeah me) But I would say, right now I set my sights on losing weight and dropped about 15lbs in the past 2 months. Rub it in all you want, but I’ve finally embraced the high protein low carb diet that PFP coaches their members to live out…and the results are amazing!  I have always dedicated myself to the workouts and given 100% in the gym but as soon as I incorporated the rest of what PFP teaches, my body has totally transformed! (actually I’m a little p*$$ed considering the cute dress I just got now hangs on me like a tent, know any good tailors?)
5. What are your goals for the future?
I would like to see if I can drop 8 more pounds… I know it will be harder and take more time than this first 15, but I’m up for the challenge!

Thank you PFP!

Congratulations Ashley Diekamp on all your amazing accomplishments!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is so proud of your success and we appreciate your loyalty! Keep it up!

March 2014

kaylon buckner

This month’s member of the month is Kaylon Buckner! Kaylon is a 13 year old athlete at Ladue Middle School. She was a January 2014 Athlete of the Month for LB3 Lacrosse club and has been a member of Pursuit Fitness for 6 months. Here is her story:

After playing lacrosse in several states last summer, I realized I needed to improve in some categories of my athleticism. My mom had been working out at PFP during the summer. From what she was saying about her experience caused me to decide to give it a shot.

I joined Pursuit Fitness to become a better all around athlete. Also, working out has become a “second sport” in the way that it keeps me in shape. At Pursuit, my experience has been excellent and I have gotten stronger and faster over the months. I enjoy being able to come in and accomplish something every workout. Even if its just moving up in ten pounds of weight or doing an additional rep, knowing that there is progress, keeps me working hard.

Pursuit has been helping and will help me with my dreams of becoming a college D1 lacrosse player. Before coming to Pursuit, I knew that Ryan had the background of sports and athletics as a college and professional baseball player.  He is able to relate and know what is needed to become a college athlete. I am excited about the future at Pursuit Fitness and grateful to be the PFP Member of the Month.

Thank you PFP!

Congratulations to Kaylon Buckner for her awesome accomplishments and dedication!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is incredibly proud of your success and we truly appreciate your hard work! Keep it up!

February 2014

photo (6)

This month’s member of the month is Jayme Riordan! Jayme has been working really hard at PFP, and has done a great job  of staying dedicated – even changing up her workout schedule and coming in the mornings to ensure that she gets all her workouts in when work is busy. Here is her story:

I joined PFP shortly after getting engaged. I wanted to look good in my wedding dress – but I had also been looking for the motivation to get back into working out and eating healthy. I was constantly trying a new gym or workout class, but grew bored with the redundancy of them within a few weeks.

My experience at Pursuit has been great! I enjoy the workouts and that they aren’t the same each day and that they change every month. I have learned better eating habits and ways to make myself more successful with my weight loss and fitness goals. My clothes fit better and people are noticing how my hard work has paid off.

I enjoy the variation in workouts, as well as how the PFP team recommends a well balanced, healthy diet. I also really enjoy the monthly calls to check in. I find them to be so so so helpful in keeping me on track. The last thing I want to do it report back that I have been slacking!

My biggest accomplishment since joining PFP has been making working out a priority again. There were some hectic moments at work in December that caused me to miss workouts and I was not going to have that! I changed up my schedule and I work out in the mornings now. I get to work way early, but work is no longer preventing me from working out – and in the end, looking good!

I am looking forward to continuing to make my workouts a priority. I would also really like to build up the strength to do a pushup – not a girly push up, a REAL one, with proper form. I would love to be able to do 5 or more in a row.

Congratulations to Jayme Riordan for her awesome accomplishments and dedication!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is incredibly proud of your success and we truly appreciate your hard work! Keep it up!

January 2014

katie murphy sled push

This month’s member of the month is Katie Murphy! Katie has done an awesome job of showing up for every single one of her workouts, and always has a smile and a positive attitude when she walks in the doors of PFP. Although she didn’t actually join the Back to School Transformation Contest, she did her best to stay on top of her diet and workouts while her sister, Lauren, was in it. Katie had great results – losing more than 11 pounds, and reducing her body fat percentage. Here is her story:

I joined Pursuit Fitness & Performance in July 2013. I first heard about PFP from my sister, Lauren, who had joined the month before, and she couldn’t stop telling me how great the workouts were. But I thought, could they really help ME?

I had been in a rut at my previous gym and hadn’t even been motivated to go there for months.  When I joined that gym, I received one free personal training session. Because of my mild cerebral palsy, and the fact the trainer had never run into someone with my limitations, I could tell he wasn’t sure what exercises he should have me do.

So when Lauren suggested PFP, I honestly had my doubts.  Lauren told the owner, Ryan, about me, and he encouraged her to have me come in to the gym.  From my first session, they had a “we can do this!” attitude. They focused on learning about my disability and my specific limitations by researching and even consulting a physical therapist.  Then we talked about certain exercises and what was within my abilities to avoid injury.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join!  Over the last 5 months, I have gotten stronger and accomplished more physically than I ever thought I could! The trainers tailor every workout to meet your goals and modify workouts for your weaknesses. Not only that, but they guide you to the right nutritional decisions. Between the success principles and the many recipes they give us, it’s a perfect combination for success! Many of my coworkers and friends have noticed a change in me, and I can’t stop talking about how great this gym is! The PFP team gets to know each person individually and are so invested in everyone’s success!

I’ve lost weight, am fitting in some of my smaller clothes, have had more energy, and look forward to working out every week! Thank you PFP-I can’t wait to continue my journey!!

Congratulations to Katie Murphy for her incredible accomplishments!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is incredibly proud of your success and we truly appreciate your hard work! Keep it up!

December 2013

Ribbet collage lauren murphy

Lauren was one of three winners of our Back to School Transformation Contest that we hosted in October and November. She was the leader of her team, and did an amazing job of keeping her teammates organized and on track. Working as a teacher can be really busy this time of year, but Lauren managed to stay dedicated to achieving her goals. Here’s what she had to say about her experience at PFP:

“You should never answer a call from an unknown number, right? Well, several months ago I got one of those calls and of course didn’t answer. When I checked the voicemail, some guy named Ryan from some gym had left a message. So what did I do? I hit delete and tried to figure out who had given him my number. It was May, the busiest month of the school year, and I definitely didn’t have time to add anything else to my plate (well except for food).

About a week later, I accidentally answered a call from an unfamiliar number. Ryan Morgan from Pursuit Fitness and Performance was on the other end of the line. We talked for bit and by the time I hung up the phone, I could hardly wait to meet him and see what this gym was all about. I knew that if someone could get me pumped up about working out and getting healthy over the phone, I had to give it a try. I’ll admit that I was nervous and felt a little intimidated with the thought of joining this type of gym. However, when I walked into PFP and met Ryan, I immediately felt comfortable and knew I’d found the perfect gym for me.

When people ask me where I work out, I get so excited to tell them about PFP. There are so many awesome things to share that I find myself rambling, wanting to make sure I don’t leave anything out!  I usually start by telling them about the amazing trainers. Ryan and Adam make it a priority to get to know each and every member. They challenge us to set goals and continuously check-in with us throughout the month. Both trainers are caring, knowledgeable, energetic, and super encouraging! Then I explain the workouts, which are always fun and challenging! Even though I participate in the group training classes, I feel like each workout is made specifically for me. Lastly, I make sure they know that PFP offers nutritional information, including meal plans, as well as success principles which have both helped me get great results.

In 5 months at PFP, I have lost over 30 lbs and 18 inches. I’m fitting into much smaller clothes, feeling stronger than ever before, and I definitely have much more energy! I want to say thank you to Ryan for calling me back again, even after I deleted your first message! For the first time in my life, I can truly say that I look forward to working out. Also, I have finally realized the importance of the choices I make outside of the gym, and how these affect my health. I can’t wait to see how I’m feeling after another 5 months!”

Congratulations to Lauren Murphy for her incredible accomplishments!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is incredibly proud of your success and we truly appreciate your hard work!

November 2013

keith h

“My girlfriend and I decided to do a month trial at Pursuit Fitness & Performance in August of this year and after the month we were hooked!  We decidedly pretty quickly that we were going to join for a year. The main reason we were so excited was because of what we accomplished over the first month. We lost weight, body fat and gained muscle. We were amazed! I love to work out and did so every day but before going to Pursuit Fitness I never really saw much improvement in my physique/endurance.  Now since being at Pursuit Fitness since the beginning of August I have seen a dramatic increase in both. Another major reason i have enjoyed working with Pursuit Fitness is because they have helped changed my diet/eating habits and lifestyle. I have been eating healthy (most of the time) for the past 3 months and i feel great!!!!

My goal over the next year is to continue to eat healthy, increase muscle % and decrease my body fat %.

I highly recommend the program to any of your friends or family! Thank you PFP!!!”

Congratulations to Keith Hoeferlin for his incredible accomplishments!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is incredibly proud of your success and we truly appreciate your hard work!

October 2013

curtis hoette side by side


“I joined Pursuit Fitness & Performance about 3 months ago on a 1 month trial. I decided pretty quickly that this was exactly what I needed and decided to become a full time member.

Before I came to PFP my workout routine was inconsistent and my nutrition habits were poor. Since I joined PFP I have been motivated by the trainers and the other members more than I could have imagined. I am always kept accountable and feel like they truly care about the results that I am getting. I never want to miss a workout because of how good I feel when I leave. I feel like I have accomplished something great every day that I leave PFP and I love to hit the day running-so to speak!

Besides the physical transformation I have also gotten much stronger in the weak areas that I had when I first came in. PFP finds out if you have any weak links when you first join through an individual assessment and makes it a priority to fix any weak links from the beginning. I have since moved up to black wristband status since I started (if you want to know what that means you’ll have to ask them!)

Even though it is a group workout it feels like there is still a lot of individualization. I also love that the workouts change just in the right amount of time, not too soon, not too late. As soon as I feel like I have made a lot of progress during one month of workouts we are ready to change and move onto the next set of workouts that are completely different. It never gets boring!

My goals for the future are to continue getting stronger and leaner and continuing the consistency during busy season for taxes ( I am a CPA). I am looking forward to seeing my results in 6 months, 9 months and a year! Thanks PFP!”

September 2013

Maggie Thurmond

“I first came to Pursuit Fitness when I was invited to do the 2013 Summer Slimdown Challenge with my good friend Sarah Hall. The challenge came at the perfect time as I was in the process of dropping my gym membership and I was in the market for a work out that would keep me focused and challenged.

My experience at PFP has been great! Everyone I’ve meet so far has been super friendly and even though we all have different goals, we all share the common long term goal to live healthy lives. Ryan and the other trainers are great to work with as they all want you to succeed and be the best possible you you can be.

I really enjoy how PFP structures the workouts. I love that I know I have to be there three times a week and there will be someone there (PFP staff or a fellow member!) to cheer me on and push me. I also enjoy seeing the changes in my body and I think my husband is tired of seeing me flex every time I pass a mirror!

I’ve always had a weak core and when I work out by myself, I tend to avoid that area (no planks, pushups, etc). Now I can hold a plank like a boss and I’ve worked up to black band status!

My long term goals are to maintain a healthy weight while continuing to get strong!”

Congratulations to Maggie Thurmond for her incredible accomplishments!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is incredibly proud of your success and we truly appreciate your hard work!

August 2013

Congratulations Sally Kane!

“I became a member of Pursuit Fitness & Performance to get in better shape.  I was feeling lethargic, had no energy and was simply out of shape and didn’t feel good about myself anymore. Pursuit Fitness has improved my self-confidence and has made me feel like a new person! I came to Pursuit to help me build muscle tone and feel stronger and in turn was looking to gain more energy.  I recently found out that I had osteopenia and was hoping that resistance training would help with my bones. I believe that my training at Pursuit has accomplished just that!”

“When working out at Pursuit, I feel like I get a complete workout that covers everything. This is not like a regular gym, training sessions are limited. We train in a group setting, however I feel like there is always personal attention.  Ryan does a great job of understanding my needs and what my abilities are.  He creates a program that allows me to achieve my goals by setting realistic expectations.  He motivates me to go beyond what I think I can do, which doesn’t allow me to cheat myself.  When I walk out of Pursuit, I feel like I have accomplished a great workout and have a sense of great satisfaction. Since joining Pursuit, I feel a lot stronger, I have more energy and I am eating better.  My goal for the future is to keep getting stronger and stay on the same course.  I want to be in the best shape I can be!”

Congratulations to Sally Kane for her incredible accomplishments!  Pursuit Fitness & Performance is incredibly proud of your success and we truly appreciate your hard work!


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