Pursuit Full of Life Fitness Camp: Through the Eyes of a Volunteer

At the beginning of the summer, I wasn’t exactly looking to add any more commitments to my calendar.  As an educator, I was really looking forward to at least one month with a little bit less structure in my life than the rest of the year.  I was...
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5 Tips for Sticking With Your Fitness Resolutions

It’s mid-January. How are you doing with those fitness resolutions? If you’re like many of us, your answer may be “not well.” According to U.S. News and other sources, your enthusiasm for sticking with New Year’s resolutions wanes by late January...
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Benefits of Strength Training for Women

So, you want to get in shape? To improve your health. To be the best version of you possible.   That’s awesome.   But where do you start?   Pilate, Yoga, Aerobics, Step Class, Jazzercise – there’s so many options.   But strength training…...
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