Bacon Crust Quiche

This quiche recipe is an excellent way to get a serving of vegetables, protein and healthy fat to start the day off without a bunch of carbs. Plus this recipe has a bacon crust, so what’s not to like about that? This recipe was adapted from


  • 12 slices bacon (uncured and nitrite free)

  • 8 omega-3 eggs

  • ½ cup coconut milk (almond milk will work if you don’t have coconut milk)

  • ½ vine ripened tomato, thinly sliced

  • ½ onion, thinly sliced

  • Sea salt (Celtic sea salt is best – you can get it at Whole Foods)

  • Cracked black pepper

  • Paprika


  1. Lay bacon slices on a large baking tray

  2. Set oven to Broil and cook bacon for about 5 minutes, until partially cooked

  3. Remove from oven and drain fat

  4. Reduce the temperature to 375 degrees F

  5. Arrange bacon to cover bottom and sides of a glass/ceramic pie dish

  6. Top with onion and tomato slices

  7. Cook for 5 more minutes

  8. While bacon, onions and tomatoes are cooking, beat eggs with coconut or almond milk and season with salt & pepper

  9. Remove pie dish from oven and pour in the eggs

  10. Dust with paprika and return to oven

  11. Cook for 20-30 minutes until the eggs have set

Tip: Let it cool for about 10 minutes so it is easier to cut. Makes about 4 slices.