Are You Actually Hungry or Stress Eating?

Are You Actually Hungry or Stress Eating?
One of the most common things we hear on a daily basis is “I’m SO hungry!” Now, there is a difference between actually being hungry, or feeding an emotion (aka STRESS). Emotional eating, or stress eating is very common. But it is not always associated with a depressed or saddened state.
Think about it. We eat ice cream when it’s sunny out. We eat cake when it’s our birthday. We endulge in chocolate when we celebrate or pie when we’re sad, and lattes when we’re tired. They are all emotional derived choices.
A few tools we use to decipher between the two is to first, ask myself if I’m actually hungry.
You’re bored, upset, stressed, excited, overwhelmed, or thirsty – the list could go on and on!
So before you run for the cookies and the chips, click here to see a few of my tips on how to cope with stress eating.
A simple guideline I use to determine if I am hungry is “P.I.E.S.”
I ask myself, how do I feel physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.
Write it down if need be! This helps to narrow down the real root of stress and what is driving you to eat. Once you decipher what is on your mind, then you can work on that head on before coping with food.
The next time you get the urge to snack, make sure you ask yourself if you’re actually hungry OR if you’re feeding your emotions!
Anna Sherry, Food Coach
Anna Sherry
Pursuit Fitness and Performance Food Coach

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