6-Week Transformation Contest Finalists!

We are so excited to share the Back to School Transformation Contest Finalists with you!

Please take some time to read each person’s story and take a look at the results that they were able to achieve – in only 6 weeks! There were so many amazing transformations that it was difficult narrowing the Finalists down to only seven. Help celebrate the efforts and progress they made in just 42 days by reading their stories, casting your vote and leaving a comment below.

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The Finalists:

#1 – Aaron










“The Back to School Transformation Challenge has been a positive experience for our whole family. The decision to embark on this 6 week challenge was not easily made. Spending nearly four years idle and not thinking about the foods I was consuming put this six foot male at 255 pounds. Fatigued all the time and frustrated with the traditional gym memberships, I simply gave up and lost interest in my personal wellness. One day I was admiring the weight I had gained; looked at my children and decided a change was needed – but how? Old habits are hard to break and new ones even harder to start. However, after visiting the Pursuit Fitness website the first time I was definitely not interested in group workouts. It took awhile for me to warm up to the concept and after I educated myself about the purpose and goals set by Pursuit Fitness it was time to try something different.

I took it upon myself to sign my wife and I up and open my mind to trying something outside of my comfort zone. Plus, six weeks is plenty of time to make a decision about what Pursuit is all about. My willingness to put in the effort – both dietary and physically – has dramatically increased my strength, stamina, and emotional well being. My success can be directly accounted for by the support Ryan and Adam give to their clients. They will make you accountable for proper technique and form and encourage you to exceed your personal fitness expectations. They will spend the time correcting your form and providing guidance and experience so that you as a client do not face the challenge of fitness alone.

One of the most rewarding things that I have noticed is that my 4 and 2 year olds are taking an interest in the new foods we are eating and even trying to mimic some of the workouts when we practice at home. Simply, it is a visceral lifestyle change for my whole family.

The decision for us to become members at Pursuit Fitness after 5 weeks was a ‘no brainer’. We are pleased to have met some awesome folks who take wellness seriously and support each other through the workouts. Once again, thank you Ryan and Adam for assisting us in this wellness journey.”
-Aaron H.

#2 – Dave

dave-front dave-side









“I signed up for the transformation contest offered by Pursuit Fitness in early October, 2013 on a recommendation of someone I know who recommended it. Since he is a member and has had good results, I thought I’d see what it could do for me. I thought working with a team as part of a contest would be a great way to start my fitness plan and try out the facility. It would also give me an added measure of accountability.

My goals when I joined were mainly to increase overall health and trim down a little (maybe lose 15 lbs. and 3 or 4% body fat, while increasing my strength. I have been very happy with the results. Happy enough, in fact, that I already decided to become a regular member. In the first 4 weeks of working with Pursuit, I have lost 10 lbs and 2.5% of my body fat while increasing my lean muscle mass by 1.5%.

The workouts at Pursuit are fun and never stale. The nutrition plan they gave us is easy to follow. I enjoy working with the trainers. I feel that I am getting the tools to make permanent changes to keep and continue my progress. I recommend Pursuit Fitness to anyone who wants to improve their health or conditioning.”

-Dave G.

#3 – Jackie











“I started working out at Pursuit Fitness & Performance in the beginning of October 2013 as part of the Back to School Body Transformation contest. I work with the owner’s wife, so I had heard about the gym & what they were trying to do. I told my husband all about it as well. We both were looking to get back into shape after spending nearly 4 years without any workout routine. We knew the traditional gym membership we had before was not going to cut it because we had those memberships and very rarely went. The few times we did go, we’d jump on some machine (treadmill, elliptical, etc) for 30-45 minutes and that was it. We did not see any results or feel as if we were getting anywhere with the monotonous motions we chose from other facilities. We felt as if having someone to coach us through the exercises to ensure we were choosing the correct workout and using the correct form was just as important as our commitment to show up.

After talking about whether to participate in the contest or not for awhile, my husband took it upon himself to sign us both up and see how it went. I am so grateful he did so, because we have enjoyed our time here so much that we joined for an entire year. We not only get a great workout but we’ve gotten a boost of energy and confidence we haven’t seen in years. Our lives have dramatically changed – physically, mentally, and emotionally – as we embraced this as a ‘lifestyle change’ rather than a just a workout and/or diet. I personally look forward to my workouts. I get time with my husband, meet new people, get a variety from the workouts and sleep SO much better. The way I deal with the stresses of daily life seems so much easier now that I have the energy to deal with what needs to be done. Before I started working out here, I felt as if I went through the motions just to get through it rather than see it as a challenge to conquer. I love that they have us set goals for ourselves month to month. As a result of these goals, we have included our children into this lifestyle change so they can reap the same benefits as we are.

I feel that the staff is encouraging, motivating, & genuinely cares about their clients. It’s the most refreshing experience I’ve had in years. I want to thank the entire Pursuit Fitness & Performance team for all they have done for me & my family!!”
-Jackie H.

#4 – Michele

michele-front michele-side









“I first tried Pursuit Fitness and Performance this summer, when Ryan offered a free month for teachers. What a generous way to show support for Education! The thing I noticed right away was Ryan’s attention to details. He made sure my form was correct- that I understood how to do each exercise, and that I was performing at my ability level, not pushing beyond my physical limitations, but still maximizing the workout to my benefit.

When I received the email about the Back to School Transformation, I was ready to go for it. It has been an awesome experience. Besides the personalized attention from the staff, there has been great support from the other participants. We encourage each other. No matter who wins the trip to Las Vegas, everyone is a winner in this group, because we have all gained a new perspective on what it means to be healthy.

For me this experience is about total wellness. Yes, I came into it wanting to lose some weight, but even more than that, I wanted to feel healthy and strong. That is how I am feeling. I can do things I never would have even tried before. I am stronger!

As to weight loss, we all know muscle weighs more than fat. I have lost a few pounds, but more significantly, I have lost nearly two inches around my waist, dropped two pants sizes (almost three), and my body fat has gone down, while my muscle mass has gone up!

My goal is to keep going- get stronger, build muscle mass, and decrease body fat.

Thank you Pursuit Fitness and Performance!”

-Michele H.

#5 – Susan

susan-front susan-side









“I joined Pursuit Fitness in May of this year. I wanted a small environment but didn’t want the price of personal training. My goal was to lose a lot of weight. I came to workouts regularly and changed some of my eating habits.

I signed up for the ‘Back to School Transformation’ contest to help gain focus and to have an eating plan. Again my goal was to lose a lot of weight. I stuck to the food plan and workouts, but the weight was not falling off. I was getting discouraged. Ryan and the team at PFP said don’t give up, don’t look only at the scale, remember you are building muscle. I rolled my eyes…. Six weeks later after the contest was over, I went clothes shopping and couldn’t believe I was trying on pants 3 sizes smaller! So now, I will not look only at the scale. (and I will not roll my eyes)

The team at PFP is very supportive; answering any and all questions, making it feel like personal training. I never feel like I am at some cheesy gym. The workouts are always changing so there is not a chance for boredom. I have put in place better food choices and healthy habits. I have not reached my goal, but am well on my journey!”

-Susan R.

#6 – Tim

tim-front tim-side









“I have worked out at Pursuit Fitness for about 1 month. I joined for the Transformation Challenge with my girlfriend Michele. We wanted to tone up and lose some weight.

I had worked out with 2 different boot camp style workouts for over a decade, have completed 6 full marathons and several triathlons and cycling events. I liked the training, but I had struggled with aches and pains that just would not go away and my weight (my diet was not the best.) I found myself often injured or burnt out. I was looking to change it up and do something a bit different.

I felt I was in pretty good shape and started as a black band. I soon discovered many movements were difficult, especially if they used a lot of back muscles. I started some exercises without weights or very light weights to get the correct form.

Following Pursuit’s meal plan was life changing. The recommended nutrition plan had very little grains. Removing the gluten (wheat) from my diet, I found that all the sudden many of my aches and pains were gone- from an evident gluten sensitivity, and by increasing the amount of protein, the weight was dropping off!

Now my clothes fit better, and my balance and form are much better thanks to Ryan and Adam watching to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly. I now realize it doesn’t matter if you can lift heavy weight, if you are doing it wrong because you are not getting the full benefit of the exercise, and you increase your risk of injury.
Thank you for a successful transformation.”

-Tim W.

#7 – Tracy

tracy-front tracy-side









“When my friends, Lauren and Becky, asked me to come try Pursuit Fitness and Performance, they raved about how amazing the workouts are and how caring, motivated and knowledgeable the trainers are. In an attempt to convince me to join their team, Lauren promised me that I would love every minute of it. They approached me at just the right time—I had recently decided that I needed to make some major changes in my nutrition, fitness and overall health.

After 6 weeks of the Back to School Transformation Challenge, I can confidently say that Lauren and Becky were right. The high intensity programs were exactly the kind of workout I was craving, and my body gratefully responded to the style of training. I am stronger, more agile and have better cardiovascular ability than I have in years. I’ve increased my lean muscle, decreased my body fat, and even my visceral fat. And in only 6 weeks, I’ve lost more than 15 pounds and two pants sizes—and I had a blast doing it!

Ryan and Adam have been crucial to my success—not only have they designed high-quality, effective training programs to build our strength and endurance, but they also provide corrective exercises to target our weaknesses—and, as someone with a history of sports injuries, that was the perfect combination for me. They go above and beyond as trainers – acting as coaches, mentors, resources and friends. Without their support, my results would not have been as life-changing.

These first 6 weeks at PFP truly have changed my life. Before this challenge, I was afraid I’d never feel as healthy as I did when I was a competitive athlete. Due to injuries and weight gain, I thought those days were behind me. I had given up. But PFP and this challenge have helped me realize that it’s not too late to be the strongest and healthiest version of myself. I joined the contest in an attempt to transform into the new me, but what I found is that it gave me back the old me—healthy, youthful, fit, motivated, confident and unstoppable.

Thank you Ryan, Adam and the Pursuit Fitness and Performance family!”

-Tracy F.


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