5 Ways to Get Your Fitness Back on Track At the End of Summer

5 Ways to Get Your Fitness Back on Track At the End of Summer

On the calendar, the end of summer is weeks away. But for those of us in St. Louis, the return to school marks the unofficial end of summer. Traffic gets heavier, schedules change and the pace just seems to pick up, even for those who don’t have kids in school.  Saying goodbye to the lazy days of summer means that it’s also a good time to get back into a fitness routine if you’ve been lagging.  Here are 5 ways to get back on track.

  1. Schedule your workouts – Knowing when and where you will do your workout makes it more likely you will get it in. Schedule the time in your planner or calendar and make a commitment to yourself to get it in. Make yourself a priority. 
  2. Plan meal prep day(s) – The amount of time needed for meal prep can vary widely depending on if you’re cooking for yourself only, yourself and a partner, or yourself and an entire family. At a minimum you should have some time set aside during one day of the week to do some cooking in bulk. Cook up your proteins and prep your vegetables so things will go faster during the week. This can save you a lot of time compared to prepping each and every meal individually. Not practical to do all the work for the week in one shot? Pick 2 or 3 days instead and divide up the work. 
  3. Go in with a plan (Workouts) – When it comes to workouts, go in with a plan of what to do. This is easier with help or guidance from a coach. At Pursuit, we offer our members some resources to help with workouts at home or during vacation, and all their workouts at the gym are planned out by our trainers. 
  4. Go in with a plan (Meal prep) – Spend some time during the weekend to think about what you’ll be eating for the week. Get together some of your favorite recipes or write down some of your favorite healthy go-to meals. This little bit of planning will drastically help with planning your grocery shopping. Next, plan what you will have for your meals during the week. You don’t necessarily need to plan EVERY meal for the week. Start with the meal that is the biggest struggle for you. Hard to find time for healthy dinners? Plan those out for the week. Overcoming your biggest obstacle with a little bit of planning will help the rest of your routine fall into place. 
  5. Focus on the process and your progress – You may not get back into your routine all at once and that is OK. Aim to make incremental progress. If you have a setback don’t beat yourself up. Instead, think about what you can learn from your mistake and how you can do better next time.


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