16 Ways to Avoid Temptation During the Holidays

16 Ways to Avoid Temptation During the Holidays
  • Offer to be the host of holiday get-togethers. You have more control of the food and beverages offered as well as the time for eating and activities.
  • Bring dishes to events that you will eat so you can stay in control.
  • BYOB – If you’re going to have alcohol, don’t rely on the liquor, beer and wine offered by hosts.
  • Plan family outings that don’t include going out to eat. Hikes, walks, and family sports are a great way to spend time together.
  • Politely refuse leftovers.
  • Keep a food journal to hold yourself accountable and be able to figure out where your weaknesses hide.
  • Have a holiday goal buddy.
  • Drink only water with all meals. No need to add more calories or sugar to your meal times.
  • Eat before parties, especially late parties.
  • Don’t try to “bank” your calories for the get-together and then binge when you’re there. Stick to normal eating patterns even if you’re attending an event.
  • Pick 2 “indulgence” items at dinners/events and the rest of the time, stick to veggies, fruits, salads and protein dishes.
  • Don’t loiter by the table or buffet. Steer your conversation circles away from the food so it’s out of sight/out of mind.
  • Keep your hands occupied so you don’t mindlessly grab a snack…or seven.
  • Avoid straws in cocktails to slow down your consumption.
  • Consider avoiding dinners at historically “unhealthy” host’s houses. Instead, swing by to say hello without taking home more calories that what you showed up with.


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