Live without limits

For active adults, Pursuit Fitness designs programs to fit your desired activities in a safe, clean environment.

Do more, be more, be there.

Choose to keep your body active now and in the future with the P3 Method at Pursuit Fitness & Performance.

Safeguard your health and wellness by improving your strength, stamina and balance with like-minded people in an upbeat, encouraging environment. Like a financial retirement strategy, the P3 Method is a way to make sure that your future is the brightest it can be. And it can only be found here at Pursuit Fitness.

IMPORTANT! In the last few months, we have enacted special precautions to keep our members safe. We have purchased NEW equipment and re-engineered our gym so members do not have to share equipment and can maintain appropriate distance throughout the entire session.
We offer…

  • Group training with 12 members, **NEW**Each member has their own set of equipment and a designated workout area (no sharing or crossing spaces)
  • Small group training with 4 people with their own set of equipment and a designated workout area (no sharing or crossing spaces)
  • 1:1 personal training
  • Virtual training
  • Hybrid schedule; 1 in-person workout per week and 1 virtual workout per week

We offer classes 6 days per week to fit your needs, nutrition programs and optional activities outside of the gym.

The programs are effective for people of all ages, but especially for people aged 45 years and up who may have stopped exercising or are feeling discouraged by health conditions, aches and pains or concerns about injuries that come up as we age.

Age is just a number.
We believe it’s possible to boost your quality of life, your outlook and improve how your body will age no matter when you start. With the P3 Method, you can shed weight and get firm in the most effective and efficient way possible, without feeling self-conscious or like you have to “keep up” with everyone else.
Be comfortable where you are.
In fact, we give you permission to train at the exact level that’s right for you, even in our Group Fitness programs. It’s one of the core principles of the P3 Method. In as little as 3 sessions a week, our members see major improvements. With guidance from our experienced trainers, you will continue to make progress for as long as you stay a member.
Be inspired by our entire community
There’s a big difference between being in a room full of individuals who are working out and working out with a community of like-minded people who share a desire to be healthy and fit for the long run. Our PFP family is one of the most unique and valuable assets of the gym. We don’t allow drop-ins and we search for quality members because we care deeply about our environment and want to make sure our members always feel welcomed, inspired and motivated.



When you join Pursuit, we will start with a non-invasive test called a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). It’s designed to help us discover weaknesses in your body that impact your performance. Everyone, even elite athletes, have limitations and often “cheat” or compensate without meaning to. But once the FMS reveals a problem, we can create an exercise program that reduces the risk of injury and strengthens your weak areas. At Pursuit we have invested in the training necessary to become Functional Movement Specialists so we can use this scientific approach to personalize a program that’s perfect for you. There’s no guessing, no wasting time, no under performing and no pushing too hard.


Every member has different reasons for working out at Pursuit. You may want to improve your mobility, flexibility or balance. Maybe you’re trying to avoid high blood pressure, osteoporosis, or diabetes.  Maybe it’s a way to relieve stress, lower your anxiety, improve your sleep and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s. Maybe you just want to  boost your spirits and your self confidence. No matter what it is, we want to know. We’ve learned that when people just “follow” a program, their commitment fades and they get lost. We want to learn what’s most important to you so we can partner together to achieve your goals without wasting time, effort or money.


We understand your starting point and we understand your motivation. Now it’s important to make sure you’re making constant progress towards your goal.  We use a proprietary wristband system so our trainers know your current fitness level, the level of intensity you should be working at, and the techniques you should be focusing on to make the biggest gains.  Our sessions are broken up into 4-week phases so that your body can learn the movements and your muscles can respond by building up endurance and strength. Gone are the days of “confusing your muscles” and confusing yourself. Our trainers are with you every step of the way to make sure you break through plateaus and get fitter with each passing month.

 The best time to start exercising was 10 years ago.
The second best time to start is today!

Don’t worry about what you look like. Don’t compare yourself to others.
Don’t think you’re not capable.
Accept yourself where you are. Be gentle with yourself.
Be grateful for what you can do now and look towards the future.


group training

At Pursuit Fitness & Performance, we have the most unique form of group training in St. Louis. We start with an individual assessment, then identify your strengths and weakness and teach you the color coded band system used in our Group Metabolic Training Workouts.

personal training

Personal Training at Pursuit Fitness & Performance is the quickest way to achieve your goals. At PFP, personal training is individualized fitness training programs in a semi-private atmosphere of two to four people.

Nutrition Programs

At Pursuit Fitness & Performance we are committed to our members’ success, so we make sure they understand the critical relationship between exercise and nutrition. The Fit Foundation Program is open to both members and non-members.


Billie Jean Diekamp

Bill Jean D.

“I’ve seen other gyms on TV. It’s just rows and rows of equipment and people. I wouldn’t want to do that. I’d be too embarrassed. But I don’t feel like that at Pursuit. I feel welcome. It doesn’t matter how old I am.  If there’s something I can’t do they [the trainers] work it out so that I can do an exercise a certain way and it doesn’t hurt or anything.  Pursuit Fitness is my ‘special thing’. It’s a social thing, as well as a workout, and I really enjoy it. My special thing is always coming to Pursuit Fitness.”

Dan Seidel

Dan S.

“I keep going to (and paying for) PFP because they keep you from getting into a routine so that you’re not always doing the same thing,” Dan says. “At PFP every month or so we have a new set of exercises.” Four years later, Dan credits PFP for making him stronger, and helping him through a physically challenging period of his life. About a year after he joined, Dan had a hip replacement surgery. PFP initially helped Dan to drop weight, which took some of the pressure off of his hip and delayed the inevitable surgery for about a year. “After I had my hip replaced they worked with me when I got back to the gym,” Dan says. “I had a super-fast recovery.”

Kathy Farmer

Kathy F.

“I wouldn’t have been able to reach my goal without the people at (PFP),” Kathy says. “They believe in me every day.”  Though Kathy Farmer has never considered herself much of an athlete, she’s always enjoyed exercise. That’s not what Kathy needed to master in order to lose and keep off any excess weight. She needed to combine exercise with a new understanding of what to eat. She joined Pursuit and followed the nutrition plan.  “I’m eating often and eating the right, healthy kinds of foods and the right portions,” Kathy says. With encouragement from our trainers, Kathy lost around 50 pounds and, more importantly, has kept it off. “I’m definitely stronger and I have increased my mental and physical fitness,” Kathy says


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